Cell Phone and PDA Etiquette finally arrives

Cell Phone and PDA Etiquette finally arrives - MobileSyrup.com

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) has published “Mobilizing Your Common Sense: Cell Phone and PDA Etiquette”, a new brochure/set of guidelines that ensures you are always making a “good call” when using your wireless devices in public spaces and driving:

Meeting expectations:
Avoid taking phone calls during meetings. If you must make or take a call, step outside, keep it short and be as quiet as possible. If you can, text message the caller to say you will return the call after your meeting.

Stop Look Listen:
If you’re in a face to face conversation with someone, avoid getting sidetracked by activity on your PDA.

Some conversations can wait:
Whether you’re in a restaurant, at the movies or in a crowded room, use common sense to decide when you should go outside or to a lobby or to another room where you won’t disturb others by making or taking your call. Some places, such as hospitals and airplanes, have strict policies about cell phone use. Always respect these policies.

Beware of Bluetoothers:
As convenient as having your hands-free device may be, remember that not everyone needs to hear your conversation. Try to keep your voice down until you’re somewhere private.

Forward thinking:
When you’re in your office or workplace, remember to forward your cell phone calls to your office line, or vice versa to avoid multiple phones ringing at the same time. Or put your PDA/cell phone on vibrate when you’re in the workplace.

Calling all cars:
When using your phone on the road, remember that your first priority is to focus on driving. Always buckle up, and keep two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel.

Additional info can be found at an interactive site called Focus on Driving.

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