Smart Search is a Google Files feature that helps you locate your files

Smart Search works completely offline on-device, making it a privacy-friendly feature.

Google Files, a file management app for browsing files, storage clean-up and offline file transfers, is testing a new feature that aims to make finding documents on your phone easier.

The new feature, called Smart Search, uses machine learning capabilities to enhance searching within Files.

Within the the app’s setting the feature is described as a tool to “get better search results with automatic scanning of your on-device file content.”

The publication also shared Google’s recent Play Store changelog, which details the feature:

“We are testing advanced search capabilities to make finding files easy. If you have Smart Search in app Settings, try the new search using:

    • Text from images and PDFs
    • Location & objects from images
    • Artist, album and title from audio & video
    • View images in Ultra HDR for phones supporting it
    • See files received with Nearby Share grouped in Recents, Downloads and other categories”

The feature can reportedly find keywords within images and PDFs in your Files, making it easy to locate them even if you don’t remember the specific file’s name. The same also works for screenshots with text in them.

Not just text — the feature also works with objects. For example, you’ll want to find a photo of flowers that you shot a few months ago but just can’t locate it, type in ‘flower’ in the search and Files will whip up all the photos with flowers in them.

According to Android Police, it tried locating photos based on locations, as stated in the changelog, but the feature failed.

However, Smart Search works completely offline on-device, making it a privacy-friendly feature. The feature is rolling out now and should be available to all users over the coming days.

Via: Android Police

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