Here are the free games hitting PlayStation Plus Essential in December 2023

Sable and Lego 2K Drive are coming to PS Plus Essential

The title over the game Sable

Sony has revealed the free games hitting PlayStation Plus Essential in December.

This month, Lego 2K Drive is leading the pack. Lego 2K Drive is a massive open-world Lego driving title. You’ll be able to build your dream cars and defeat racing rivals.

Other games included in the list are the PS5 game Sable and Powerwash Simulator, which is a PS4/PS5 title.

A PlayStation Plus Essential 12-month subscription is now priced at $94.99, up from the previous $79.99/year pricing. Further, 12 months of PS Plus Extra is now priced at $154.99 and PS Plus Premium now costs $189.99.

Source: PlayStation

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