Bell, Virgin Plus will increase roaming rate by $1/day on March 9

U.S. roaming will go from $12 to $13/day, while international roaming will go from $15 to $16/day

Montreal-based carrier Bell will increase the cost of its Roam Better add-on starting March 9th, 2023.

Bell’s Roam Better offers two prices, one for U.S. travel and one for international travel. The U.S. Roam Better package will increase from $12/day to $13/day, while the international version will go from $15/day to $16/day.

Price increase for Bell’s Roam Better U.S. plans.

Bell also still offers two variants of Roam Better for U.S. and international travel. The first and, arguably, better option is Roam Better with home data, which gives users access to unlimited talk, text, and the data on their account (with a speed cap after 1GB of usage). The other option is identical, save that it gives users 500MB of data for the day instead of access to their account data. Both Roam Better plans have the same price, and both will increase in March.

Price increase for Bell’s Roam Better international plans.

Bell flanker brand Virgin Mobile will also increase the costs of its Roam Sweet Roam add-on starting March 9th, 2023.

Notice from Virgin Mobile’s website about the incoming price increase.

Roam Better, for those unfamiliar with the add-on, gives customers access to roaming at a daily rate, up to a maximum of 20 days per line per billing period. You can learn more about it on Bell’s FAQ page.

It’s also worth noting that Bell offers Canada-U.S. plans, which could be a good way for frequent travellers to save on roaming costs. Bell’s Canada-U.S. plans start at $95/mo for 60GB of data.

At the time of writing, neither Rogers nor Telus had similar price increases listed on their websites. However, when one of the Big Three increases a price, the others tend to follow, so keep your eyes out.

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