Toronto man uses Apple AirTag to find his Range Rover after vehicle theft

Apple’s tracking device helped a Torontonian find his stolen vehicle

A man from Toronto used Apple’s AirTag tracker to find his Range Rover, following a theft. This occured after another vehicle was stolen from the same owner.

Apple’s Bluetooth tracking device can be handy for finding a misplaced Apple TV remote or wallet. However, Apple’s AirTag can alsobe used to track larger objects like vehicles. That’s exactly what happened to Torontonian Lorne (surname has been omitted by CP24).

Earlier this year, Lorne’s Range Rover was stolen in broad daylight outside of his own home. Personal effects such as phones, wallets, etc. were thrown out of the vehicle prior to it being stolen. Additionally, the tracking system inside the car, provided by the manufacturer, was disabled. The vehicle was never recovered.

Fast-forward a month and Lorne purchased the same model of vehicle. However, rather than use the provided tracking system, they set up three Apple AirTags in case of another theft. One was placed in the glove box, another under his back seat, and the third in the spare tire in the trunk.

The next morning Lorne was woken up to the news that his vehicle was stolen yet again. Using the Find My app, Lorne was able to track the AirTags and their location. All three were found to be stationed near Manville and Comsock roads in Scarborough. The location was listed as a metal recycling plant.

Later that day, Lorne drove to the location and called the police. With no response, he drove to the 41 Division station and issued a report. Police were eventually able to recover his Range Rover. In the process, the police were also able to recover nine other vehicles. While police have not been able to elaborate on the circumstances of the recovery, Lorne expects to get his vehicle back soon.

Apple’s AirTags can be a good safety net in the event of a theft. However, not every story is guaranteed to end like Lorne’s. “It’s not foolproof,” Lorne said.

Though Apple’s AirTag is designed to help users track their keys, backpacks, luggage and pretty much anything they’re attached to, they can also be used for more nefarious tracking purposes. Since the tracking devices’ release, Apple has released several updates to the AirTag that aim to fix these issues, including notifying people if they’re carrying an AirTag that doesn’t belong to them.

Source: CP24

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