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MobileSyrup Father’s Day Gift Guide [2022 Edition]

We’re sure you made your mother happy by giving her the perfect gift on her special day, but Father’s Day is less than a fortnight away — on June 19th — and getting a thoughtful gift that would mean the world to the father figure in your life.

We’ve rounded up some of the best tech-related gift ideas, from smartphones and smart doorbells to LED flashlight gloves and digital picture frames, for you to choose from.

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  • Apple Watch Series 7

    If your dad uses an iOS device, the Apple Watch could make a solid companion for him to remotely stay connected with.

    Apple’s latest smartwatch offering, the Apple Watch Series 7, has a sleek design and great features like an always-on display, built-in texting, focus modes, several new aluminum colours and an overall softer and more rounded design.

    The watch is crack-resistant, has IP6X dust resistance and is swim-proof, so dad can use the watch when going out for hikes or swims.

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  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

    Dads globally get infuriated when someone from the family adjusts the thermostat, so there’s no better gift than a thermostat that he can set a passcode on.

    Toronto-based Ecobee recently released its new Smart Thermostat Premium that doesn’t compromise on looks or features. The device features a sleek metal body with a glass face and smooth waterfall edges. It has a built-in air quality monitor that shows the indoor air quality, including carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, and relative humidity with alerts to warn you if air quality inside your house is poor.

    The smart thermostat works with Siri and can be controlled with your Apple Watch or by integrating it with Apple Homekit+.

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  • Kodak 8 Inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

    Want to give your dad something that he’ll remember forever? A digital picture frame with photos of your family might just do the trick.

    Kodak’s WiFi Digital Picture Frame comes in 8 and 10-inch variants and features an HD touchscreen display that is easy to set up.

    The photo frame can be synced with new photos directly from your dad’s smartphone. The frame comes equipped with 16GB of storage, which is enough for more than 10,000 HD photos, though it also supports SD cards and USB sticks for additional storage.

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  • LED Flashlight gloves

    These LED Flashlight gloves are a perfect companion gift to go along with iFixit’s Mako Driver Kit.

    Each glove comes equipped with two LED flashlights, one on the thumb and one on the index finger that would allow dad to look into tight dark spaces when he’s trying to repair something.

    The gloves are made out of lightweight and flexible breathable fabric that allows for comfort even when used for long durations. The gloves use CR2016 that are easy to find and replace, making the gloves a handy (no pun intended) gift for your dad.

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  • Ring Video Doorbell

    The Amazon-owned Ring video doorbell works with any wired doorbell set up and will provide your dad with ease of mind when it comes to checking who is at the door.

    The doorbell provides an HD video view of whoever is outside, two-way talk, motion detection and real-time alerts that you can check on your smartphone or Alexa device.

    Since the Ring doorbell is wired, it’ll connect to your existing doorbell setup, which means there is no need to replace or recharge batteries every few days.

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  • Samsung SR650 Series Business Monitor

    If your dad is still working from home and looking to upgrade his setup, Samsung’s 2021-released SR650 Series business monitor might be something he will appreciate.

    The 27-inch monitor features a regular 75Hz IPS 1080p display with a wide viewing angle. It sports minimal bezels and a fully adjustable stand that allows you to tilt, swivel, and pivot the display. The monitor also features VESA support, so dad can mount the monitor on a wall or on a mounting arm depending on what he prefers.

    For connectivity, the monitor features HDMI, Display Port and VGA support along with 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

    Lastly, the monitor features an eye saver mode and has flicker-free technology, which helps to reduce eye strain for a more comfortable work experience.

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  • Uber Eats Pass

    Uber launched its Uber Eats Pass in Canada back in 2020. The subscription, which costs $9.99 per month, allows users to order whatever they want with a $0 delivery fee and five percent off every order above $15.

    Users who have never paid for Uber Eats Pass can get the first month of service for absolutely free, something that you can share with your dad to try out, and then decide whether he wants to retain the service and pay for it or not.

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  • iFixit Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits for Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, and Household Repair

    If your dad is the DIY kind of guy, iFixit’s Mako Driver Kit might just be THE gift for him.

    The kit includes all the essential parts and tools that dad might need for fixing some of the electronics you have at home. The kit comes with guides and community forums for information about certain repairs, and the toolkit is backed for life. “If something breaks, we’ll replace it for as long as you own it,” reads the kit’s listing.

    The kit features an easy-to-open magnetized case along with a lid that has a built-in sorting tray and several 4mm Bits included.

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