Spotify revamps Wear OS app with downloads and music streaming

Hopefully, more Wear OS apps follow suite

During Google I/O 2021’s keynote, Spotify shared a short video of how it’s revamping its Wear OS app.

Currently, the Spotify Wear OS app is pretty lacking since you can only use it to control songs that are playing on other devices. This made it an easy way to play/pause music or skip to the next track, but it doesn’t offer much for people who use their watch away from their phone.

That’s all about to change as Spotify preps a newly designed Wear OS app that allows users to stream songs directly to it and download tracks or podcasts for offline listening. Plus, the company is retaining the Spotify connect controls so you can control playback from your watch if Spotify is playing on a phone, PC or smart speaker.

The company hasn’t shared when it plans to release this version of its app, but since Google has been pushing Wear OS so hard at I/O this year, I’d expect to see this Spotify app before winter 2021.

Beyond Spotify, there is also a new YouTube Music app coming to Wear OS that allows users to download songs for offline listening. There isn’t a release date for this either, but Android Police says it’s coming later this year.

Source: Android Developers Via: Android Police 

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