Amazon Prime Video adds ‘Watch Party’ feature for streaming with friends

Watching movies while maintaining social distance just got easier with Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video app on iOS

Amazon Prime Video in Canada is getting a new ‘Watch Party’ feature that will let users watch movies and TV shows together virtually.

If you’ve ever used the Teleparty browser extension with Netflix, the experience of Amazon Prime Video’s new Watch Party feature will feel really familiar. To access the feature, find a movie or TV show on Amazon Prime Video and click the Watch Party button.

Prime Video will prompt you to enter a name to use in the chat while watching. Once you enter your name, you can create the Watch Party and invite friends with a Watch Party link. The Watch Party host can play, pause, skip and otherwise control the content for the group.

Amazon notes that Watch Party works with up to 100 participants, but each participant must have a Prime membership.

Watch Party is a great idea and a smart feature to build into the Prime Video streaming service, especially given the ongoing pandemic. With families spending the holidays apart to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, being able to spend time together watching holiday classics or other movies will be much easier with this feature.

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