Microsoft releases several Xbox One dashboard design tweaks

It's likely that the new features are in preparation for the release of the Xbox Series X

Xbox One X

The Xbox One’s dashboard has been a confusing mess since the console’s release back in 2013.

While recent updates have improved stability and made the dashboard easier to navigate, it’s still plagued by a confusing interface and stability issues, especially when running on the original Xbox One. Now, with the Xbox Series X less than a year away from release, Microsoft is rolling out a few much-needed interface tweaks.

While not wildly different, the new additions are worthwhile features that include a dedicated row for Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Xbox Community and the Microsoft Store. You’ll also be able to easily add and remove rows of games and apps.

Further, text messages finally support images and animated GIFs. Images sent through the Xbox mobile app also now show up on the Xbox One. Other additions include Game Pass members now having greater control over bundles of games, as well as switching where notifications appear on-screen. This setting can be changed by navigating to Settings > Preferences > Notifications and pressing ‘Default notification position.’

Finally, Storage Management Suggestions have also been tweaked with a new ‘Move’ option that suggests you transfer titles to external storage if you need to free up space on the console to install more games.

This update is likely in preparation for the Xbox Series X’s launch later this year as Microsoft shifts its strategy to position all of its Xbox consoles as one unified platform.

The latest dashboard update is dropping now and should hit all Xbox One console shortly.

Source: Microsoft 

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