New BlackBerry model number, ‘Adula’ codename reportedly appear in DTEK app

The model number and codename could hint at a new BlackBerry-branded handset


According to the CrackBerry forums, a new build of the DTEK by BlackBerry app has revealed a new model number and an accompanying codename for what might be a new BlackBerry handset.

Trusted CrackBerry forum member ‘thurask’ first posted about the new ‘BBI100’ model number in a January 18th, 2019 post, explaining that “only the model number is there.”

“This might have a codename of ‘Adula,’” said thurask, in a later January 18th post.

“Emphasis might.”

Forum users began speculating about the new information, with forum member and CrackBerry editor-in-chief ‘Bla1ze’ pointing out that Adula is an area in India.

“Keep in mind, where it’s appearing in DTEK it could be a device from someone other than BlackBerry Mobile,” wrote Bla1ze, in a January 19th, 2019 post.

“Could be Optiemus, could be PT Merah Putih, could even be [Bullitt] Group.”

“Optiemus” refers to Indian telecommunications hardware manufacturer Optiemus Infracom which holds a license to release BlackBerry-branded devices, while “PT Merah Putih” likely refers to BB Merah Putih, the Indonesian company that also holds a license to release BlackBerry-branded handsets.

The Bullitt Group is a U.K.-based electronics design and manufacturing company that holds a license to develop devices certified as ‘BlackBerry Secure.’

Source: CrackBerry Forums Via: CrackBerry

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