Canadians are still using Facebook more than any other social network: MTM

Canadian love Facebook, but Instagram is growing on them

Facebook app on phone

A Canadian research firm called the Media Technology Monitor (MTM) has released a new study that claims three out of every four Anglophones in Canada are using at least one social network.

Facebook is still the most popular form of social media in the country. Seventy-two percent of internet users have been on Facebook in the past month.

The firm found that most social networks weren’t growing as much as they used to, except for Instagram, which has doubled in the past few years.

One of the more troubling statistics is that Facebook users typically spend 28 hours a week online. It gets worse from there, as someone who uses Reddit typically spends an average of 42.6 hours using the internet every week.

The majority of Canadians’ social media-use has remained fairly level since 2014, only climbing a few points to where it currently sits at 77 percent.

The small growth in the overall use of social media has mainly been pushed by adults aged 35 to 49. This cohort’s social media-use has risen over 10 percent since 2014 to 87 percent.

Social media use is almost even on smartphones and PCs, and this is largely due to the popularity of Facebook, which is used heavily on both desktop and mobile devices, according to MTM.

Source: Media Technology Monitor

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