Festicket is using Spotfiy’s data to recommend music festivals

Spotify is partnering with Festicket to recommend music festivals based on a user’s music library.

Festicket is using Spotify’s music data to learn what bands and artists a user is listening to. To try out the feature head over to Festicket’s Festival Finder beta and log into your Spotify account. Once everything is linked, Festicket recommends a handful of festivals to the user based on their music library. Each result shows a handful of acts that the website matched to your library and the rest of the festival’s line up as well.

For example, when I link my account the tool recommends the ‘Way Out West 2018 festival,’ because its lineup includes Kendrick Lamar, Fleet Foxes, Arctic Monkeys, Brockhampton and Jorja Smith.

The tool recommends around eight festivals per user, but unfortunately in my test none of them are located in Canada. It’s unfortunate that the tool doesn’t ask users for their location, since your proximity to a music festival is an important factor.

If you do happen to find a festival you want to attend, it’s possible to book a ticket directly from website, streamlining the purchase process significantly.

Source: Festicket 

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