Toronto police are telling iPhone users not to test iOS 11 security feature

iOS 11 control centre on iPhone 7

Apple’s iOS 11 operating system has a safety feature that’s clogging up the Toronto Police Service’s emergency lines.

Users with an iPhone running iOS 11 are able to press their phone’s lock buttons five times to disable Touch ID. The security feature also brings up an emergency menu that allows users to slide to power off their devices, access Medical ID, or send out an Emergency SOS.

Sending out an Emergency SOS results in the phone dialing out to 911 emergency services, and it’s this particular feature that’s caused Toronto police to publish a tweet telling iPhone owners to not try out the feature.

According to Toronto police, the service has been “receiving many test calls that tie up our 911 lines.”

Users can also set their phones to automatically dial out to 911 after the lock button has been tapped five times. This feature, however, is disabled by default.

Suffice it to say, don’t dial 911 unless there’s a legitimate emergency.

Source: Toronto Police Service Via: Apple Insider

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