Tesla to discontinue the Model S 75, its more affordable model

tesla model s in red

Tesla is set to officially discontinue its most affordable Model S option, according to Business Insider. The publication Says it received the information from a Tesla representative.

Coming this Sunday, Tesla will stop offering the Model S 75, with rear-wheel drive, leaving only the 75D, 100D and P100D, which are all dual-motor-all-wheel vehicles.

Tesla has already told Electrek in July that the base Model was set to be discontinued, however this is the first time the actual date of September 24th has been confirmed.

While this might be disappointing to some, the Model 3 is set to replace the Model S as Tesla’s most affordable vehicle. However, anyone who didn’t want to wait an extra year before getting a Tesla will now be disappointed, as will those who wanted an affordable dual-motor-all-wheel option due to the Model 3 not offering it right away.

However, there is a significant difference in prices between the two sedans. The Model S 75, after incentives and gas savings, costs $65,050 USD ($80,183 CAD)  — while the Model 3 is a lot cheaper at $35,000 ($43,142 CAD) according to Tesla Canada’s website, after incentives and gas savings — and at the base model.

Lastly, Sunday is the last time to custom order, although pre-configured models will be sold until inventory runs out.

Source: Electrek and Business Insider

Update: 17/09/21: Tesla Canada’s website uses American prices for the company’s vehicles. We’ve added Canadian pricing for further clarification.