BlackBerry forms new partnership with Isara to promote secure quantum computing


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  • Shogun

    “BlackBerry has made a series of telling partnership announcements over the past few weeks”

    lol! Not really Jessica. The company has made announcements that are fundamentally worthless to the company’s bottom line. The Optiemus deal in India is a partnership between two companies with plummeting revenues, neither really doing what they do very well. A company like this that has no expertise in making hardware but rather smartphone cases and chargers isn’t an ideal partnership for BBRY. Same goes for lame attempts to monetize services like BBM, which they should’ve done years ago, coupled with the fact they can’t make money offering anything they sell on subscription period before they finally cancel it as they did with BBM Meetings.

    Now, partnering up with Isara to avoid hacking from ‘quantum’ computers sounds great on paper but in reality its not a threat today and not likely to be one for more than 10 years. Instead of focusing on something they can sell and make money on today, Chen decides to hop into bed with former BBRY execs at Isara who themselves are looking for business to stay in business. The whole thing is too incestuous to not laugh out loud.

  • This will be huge in years to come. With all the breaches that are happening now, it will only be amplified with better tech. Good to see BB is going to keep the crown for security in years to come.

    • Shogun

      Hah. If the company is around in 10 or 20 years which I seriously doubt.

    • Chug that haterade

      Just like everyone said they would be bankrupt and out of business 5+ years ago… yet they are still here… keeping you foaming at the mouth