How to block unwanted calls on iOS, Android and Windows phone


  • grantdude

    So…this is not about how to block robocalls. It’s about how to block a phone number.
    Terrible title. Waste of time.

    • Zach Gilbert

      Hey Grant, TrueCaller, Everycaller and Hiya can be used to block robocalls with their crowd based data.

    • Chug that haterade

      I realize BB10 isn’t on anyone’s radar anymore but it does have this feature built in as well… carrier dependant.

    • Infinite88

      I miss me some BB10. Moved on to the PRIV. I don’t see the option to block calls anywhere in the settings. I’m guessing this is either dependant on the make of your phone or it’s carrier dependant.

    • Chug that haterade

      I attached a screen shot of where it is on my Passport SE

    • Zach Gilbert

      I loved my Z30. On iPhone now, but at times miss BlackBerry 10. I used to live and breathe BlackBerry when I was at But times change and I need a little more to do what I need to do.

    • Chug that haterade

      Zach, I’m curious what things you miss about BB10 and what additional stuff you can do with your iPhone that you couldn’t do with your Z30?

    • Zach Gilbert

      Certain work apps. Some devs are doing an amazing job at replicating social apps onto BlackBerry in native dev, but they still don’t provide the exact same services.

    • Chug that haterade

      True.. just curious because I’ve used my wife’s iPad and haven’t found anything earth shattering that my Passport can’t do..

    • Zach Gilbert

      Awesome thanks @chugthathaterade:disqus

    • Achan

      Hey Zach, TrueCaller is available on Windows Phone as well. Cheers!

    • Zach Gilbert

      Sweet! Forgot about that.

    • Fair enough, we’ve adjusted the headline, though all of these tools and features can also be used to block robocalls.

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  • Nachotech

    I use Mr Number and I’ve found it works quite well. After blocking several spam numbers the number of telemarketing calls have dropped off considerably.

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  • Zach Gilbert

    They crowd source your data based upon people flagging calls as spam in their app.

  • Adderbox76

    In your call history on Android (pixel at least) you can long press on any phone number and label it as Spam.

  • JD

    Wish I could just block all calls that are (Area code) first 3 digits of my own number that’ll take out 90%+ or robocalls