Virgin Mobile joins Fido and Koodo in offering wireless home phone services

Stepping in-line with fellow sub-brands Fido and Koodo, Virgin Mobile is now offering wireless home phone services, but unlike its competitors it’s offering the service both on a month-to-month basis and on a two-year contract.

Though the change is not yet updated on Virgin’s website, an internal document sourced by MobileSyrup shows that Bell’s budget carrier will stock its ZTE home phone adapter at $39.99 outright, approximately the same price as Fido and Koodo, but will provide the option for customers to get the adapter for $0 down on a two-year contract.

In either instance, the monthly cost is $20, which is the same as Koodo for both new and existing customers. The difference, however, is that Koodo offers Canada-wide calling, while Virgin, for an unspecified ‘limited time’ is also offering unlimited calling to the U.S.

In comparison, Fido offers plans at $18 per month for unlimited Canada-wide calling (or $13 in Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) and $20 for unlimited Canada and U.S. calling for existing customers, while new customers must pay $30 per month for Canada-wide calling.

As for additional features that can be added monthly, Virgin is offering unlimited China and Hong Kong calling for $15 per month and 1000 minutes to India per month for $20.

Koodo’s add-ons run $10 for unlimited calling to the U.S., $15 for unlimited calling to China and Hong Kong and $20 for 1000 minutes to India, while Fido offers $5 for 200 minutes to Europe, $5 for for 200 minutes to India, China, South Korea and Singapore.

Koodo began offering wireless home phone services in early June 2016, serving Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic provinces. Meanwhile, Fido began offering wireless home phone services in 2013.

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