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Uber drops surge pricing in favour of showing customers exactly what they’ll be charged

While Uber has stated repeatedly that it had no intention of forgetting about surge pricing, it seems that the company is heading in that direction.

To replace surge pricing, the Uber app will tell customers exactly how much their ride will cost, rather than forcing them to add it up themselves. Though prices will fluctuate, Uber claims that this approach is more transparent for the rider.

The new prices will still fluctuate based on demand, but riders will now know exactly what they’ll be paying for a ride. TechCrunch reports that the price is based on expected time, distance, traffic, the number of riders requesting rides at that time and the number of drivers available nearby.

Uber will also allow drivers to update the app if you change your destination in the middle of the ride, which will send the customer a notification from the app with the change in price.

Hundreds of thousands of riders in Miami, San Diego, Seattle, New Jersey, New York and some of the bigger cities in India have apparently already received the update, but the price transparency feature will be rolling out globally in the coming months.

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