Lemur BlueDriver review


  • MR D

    you can get something similar for $19 on Amazon. Cheaper if you want to give Aliexpress a shot.
    $100? Wow.

    • jfbaudio

      Agreed — a simple OBD-II bluetooth module ($15-20) and the Torque Pro app ($5) is all you need. I’ve been running that combination for something like four years. Torque Pro even has a Twitter module, people tend to be suprised when I tell them my 2001 Outback can tweet!

    • Anthony Roberts



    $20 on ebay for the adapter, $5 for a customizable app. Has been around for a few years.

  • signups

    I agree with the other comments – $100 is excessive for what this does. I bought a basic OBD II code scanner on sale at an auto parts store for $20. I’m definitely not a mechanic, but I can tell you that it does almost everything this product can do. It even displays my VIN automatically – no need for me to type it in! My scan tool might not be wireless, and it doesn’t have a button to turn on a flashlight, but it gets the same thing done as this product at a fraction of the price. Also, many vehicles on the road today can already display this info in their productivity screens. This will expand into more vehicles over time, I’m sure.

  • Haythem

    That’s way too much money for what it does. Torque (on android) has been around for years and, for only $5, you get everything that this thing does and more! A compatible bluetooth module is more or less $20. In all, it will only cost you about $25-$30.

  • Bhageerathdas Argula

    I bought the OBD bluetooth ELM for $5 and using torque App $5. works for me.

  • Everybody wants “good” (e.g., permanent manufacturing, not retail temping) jobs in Canada, yet nobody wants to spend at a rate that would support them. Do remember that every purchase of offshored goods is money subtracted from what’s left of the Canadian manufacturing sector. That said, as several commentators noted, a 5x differential between Canuck and offshore is indeed too much to expect people to pay. If the BlueDriver came in at $40, you could ask people to choose between conscience and cost. But at $100? Probably not going to be a big seller…

    • digivish

      The hardware and software most likely was also built “offshore”.

    • marorun1982

      At 40$ i would get one.
      at 100$ they can go to hell..

    • Philosoraptor

      I personally do not have the money to pay a 500% premium for something that’s made in Canada, just for the sake of buying Canadian.

  • 2kfire

    +1 for the obd codes website. I’ve been able to fix several issues on my car that at first check sounded major, but after looking up the code/description/possible solutions on there, found out it was a simple fix.