Galaxy S5 mini to be called the Galaxy S5 Dx, will launch with several colour options


  • leobg

    Why not use the same CPU/RAM as in the “regular” S5? Ok about battery, but why cripple the device processing power? So it is either you get a giant phone or a sluggish one. Meh!

    • WatDah

      Because people who think like you will choose to buy the S5 instead. And people who are not as tech savy – like most parents, don’t really want a big phone, and buys a phone simply because of brand (probably listening to recommendations from their kids), will choose to go with something like this. Win-win on Samsung’s part. Where have you been when Samsung has been flooding the market the last few years?

    • Fiota

      I kno rite? These are overpriced plastic Mobile heaters. II you’re chilly Just send some texts and it’ll bern. Changed my s4 for a HTC one. Not regretting it. Soooo overhyped and not worth a dime.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Yet another mini done wrong, thanks Samsung….

  • Fiota

    Yet another band aid which Will heat up like hell no earth. Sorry, not buying the Samsung hype anymore.