BlackBerry reveals how ads will look in BBM Channels, confirms ‘BBM Chats Are Untouchable’


  • deltatux

    It was kinda given when BlackBerry announced the whole BBM Channels thing. It’s pretty much Facebook but exclusively for mobile users.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    As long as the app is free I will keep on using.

  • Anthony Roberts

    Honestly even if it was a bit intrusive…..i am all about blackberry making money in each division….QNX…BBM….Devices and BES……until blackberry is breaking even and later generate positive cash flow……the perception of blackberry will never change and John Chen said this : Until BlackBerry is cash flow positive we cannot win the heart of consumer if they think blackberry is not going to exist in a couple of years if they are hearing this all over the place. I said this from time doesn’t matter how much money goes into marketing and how awesome blackberry devices are until the perception of blackberry changes in the eye of consumers blackberry won’t go anywhere in the consumer space…..

    • canada is a monopoly

      Get a boat load of apps for starter get rid of the garbage apps from bb store
      And let us side load android apps god knows how difficult that can be for me Chen all about security which he is helping NSA spy on us anyways just give us apps to begin with

  • Martin Chan

    So basically we don’t see them unless we use Channels?

    • Dimitri

      That is correct. This is in the Channels. Even if its in the channels, its a good idea.

  • chm985

    BBM video on BlackBerry is hands down the best video calling service in terms of video quality and sound quality on any device. I hope BlackBerry is able to keep that same quality on the android / iOS / windows version.