iOS 7.1 will reportedly launch this week


  • Vostok

    Have had iOS 7.1 beta 5 for some time now. It’ll be worth the wait! Faster animations, tons of bugs removed from iOS 7.0, various tweaks here and there, more accessibility options including options to reduce the whiteness of the OS, “button shapes”, darkening colors, and the old reduce transparency. Even older devices like the iPhone 4/4S appear notably faster.

    • Mike Newman

      Very relieved to hear that. My iPhone 4 is pretty much useless now.

    • Lamar

      i traded mine in for a BBZ10 .. never looked back.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Good one as many users should do…..iPhone while the OS is extremely smooth…fast…. and very user friendly and also their apps are extremely smooth as well….I did not know retail the iPhone 16GB is $719.00 to me that is such a ripoff, I find the iPhone to be just a glorified app launcher. The iPhone doesn’t even have standard parts hardware and software wise like…..NFC….Micro USB…DLNA….Media has to be done through iTunes….LImited Bluetooth capabilities……No expandable memory……NO built in File Manager…..No true multi-tasking…..known to have serious issues with cracked screens….Poor Battery life compared to competition….Again not a troll and not saying the iPhone isn’t a nice product but for the price and even worse 919 for a 64GB model……I just find it to be a very over hyped product but one thing I give apple is their marketing and just to show you with clever marketing anything can sell even if it isnt the best product out there. Heck the Blackberry Z30 (Which is the phone I have) Has a much better user review rating on …Bell…Rogers….and heck even verizon wireless webpage and some of them were iPhone 5 and 5s users.

    • Eric Rabell

      It’s truly all about marketing. But even with inferior specs, the 5S has shown a higher benchmark score than the Samsung Note 3. My biggest complaint has also been battery life with the iPhones and I sadly broke my GS4 and I’m back with my iPhone 4 until I get it fixed. Very true comment though!

    • Anthony Roberts

      Yah I wasn’t surprised at all with the benchmark….they have has years to truly optimize their software with their hardware and with that optimization benchmark results will murder the competition and thanks. I just try to state facts that is all but I hate “Trolls” who come to articles and say …Blackberry sucks RIP…or iPhone sucks and android rules…or any bashing without anything to back it up at all…very very sad world we live…I want competition without it …innovation will never truly go anywhere…Look at the S5 launch while a sweet phone not much difference between the S4 to the S5…..people coming from the S3 or previous galaxy series sure…but I think even the Sony Z2 is a much better deal. Sorry to hear you have to use a iPhone 4 in the meantime…ugh…better if it was a 5 maybe but the 4 that phone is old….Hopefully you get back your S4 soon 🙂

    • yermum

      ^ paid bb shill if it weren’t obvious.

    • Anthony Roberts

      LOL If only I was paid by BB I would get a better car and actually enjoy my job LOL. I just stated facts that is all and at least Barrist down below is stating facts and can back them up big time and I can respect his response for sure. Since I am not blind and know apple products as well too since I play with them everyday as well as windows phones and android phones.

    • PT

      The Truth Hurts … isn’t?

    • Anthony Roberts

      It does…..:). At the end of the day I want 4 major platforms at the least to be around…just one big apple or android…for us the consumer doesn’t bring innovation and that isn’t good in the mobile technology world.

    • barrist

      iPhone may be a glorified app launcher, but at least it has apps.

      I understand it’s not for everyone and the complaints about Apple’s proprietary connections and lack of standardized interfaces (Lightning cable, no nfc, dlna, itunes) is warranted, BUT if you are already in the Apple ecosystem, there is no better phone. Heck, even if you’re in the Google ecosystem, some Google apps on iOS (Maps, the recent Hangouts update) are BETTER and get updated faster on iOS. Everything is seamless between my iPad, macbook, and Apple TV.

      It’s pricey, but with its sustained level of sales, why would Apple inexplicably lower its prices? They’ve cornered the “premium” phone market even if alot of detractors don’t think it’s a premium phone. If you want to talk price, Blackberries have had way too high a starting price for phones struggling to stay alive in the marketplace. The recent price drop of the Q5 should have been what it was released at. This is more evidence that Blackberry still thinks its a premium and popular phone maker when it’s NOT.

      The Blackberries may be an underrated phone, since they can be found for dirt cheap as they hold no value in the second hand market, but there’s a reason for that. And no it’s not just lack of marketing. It has ZERO app developer support. And while Blackberry users will say they don’t need all the apps that will never come to Blackberry, Blackberry (the company) NEEDS apps like Instagram, etc. Half-baked Android compatibility isn’t a solution, it’s a band-aid. They need well-designed and popular apps running natively, not in an Android window inside the OS. Blackberry brings nothing to the table that can’t be replicated or found better on other platforms. Windows Phone is even getting better developer support these days. So why would anyone, unless you’re a die-hard Blackberry fan and needs nothing but BBM and email and browsing, invest in the fourth place platform?

      I’m also not sure why user ratings on Bell and Rogers’ website mean anything …

    • Anthony Roberts

      You see this is a response I can respect. You state facts and also have evidence and I agree with you 100 percent no not even 1000 percent in what you are saying. Now for your first point if you are an apple user and you all have mac products then that is amazing because they definitely will work great together for sure hence why apple is very proprietary with the connections and products 🙂 so that I will give you for sure.

      In terms of the BB10 Launch with no app support in the beginning (Instagram,Netflix,Snapchat,Vine and other top apps) and extremely pricey hardware was a very dumb mistake. Blackberry should of known with the damaged brand they do not have the right at all to be launching a phone with such premium prices so that was a epic fail on there part big time. Now in terms of app support for a new OS just a year old no way they would have top apps in the beginning…heck even instagram was on iPhone first before android it took them 18 months afterwards to get Instagram. However Native 3rd party for instagram and vine (iGrann and Whine) are there so people who want instagram or vine is there already and snapchat (Snap2chat) is coming soon as well. Remember Windows will have better support because the OS has been around much longer than BB10 and even with their lack of apps in the beginning they had 3rd party dev support to fill the gap in the meantime and they just got instagram late last year and again windows phone has been around for a while.

      Remember this when the app gap closes amongst all platforms it will be the OS and hardware that will seperate the competition not apps. Plus some android ports that we got in the very beginning have gone native after the DEV sees the response and demand of the app after a while. Blackberry does more than email and browsing and bbm. It has the HUB which cannot be replicated….Screen Share….top of the line security….True Multi tasking…..Best Keyboard built in…..Has keyboard phones…….

      User Ratings do matter and mean something since people think Blackberry 10 phones are garbage and the user ratings say otherwise…..

      Remember while in north america Blackberry has lower market share….in other countries blackberry is considered number 2 or 3 or some places number 1. I will tell you this the Nokia Lumia 520 while the best low end phone …when the Blackberry Z3 hits emerging markets it will over take android and especially windows phone easily since we all know that low end android phones are not the best in performance and those countries don’t have a choice if they want a smartphone and don’t have the money for a better device.

  • Rich

    Bought an iPhone 5 off ebay the other day (got it for a steal) and glancing at some reviews online there were some hiccups here and there in terms of running iOS7. Hopefully this update remedies that.

  • Ryan

    Maybe I’ll be able to have 2 tabs open in Safari now on my mini Retina 🙂 -_- lags and crashes daily…..

    • cartfan88

      I get multiple crashes in Safari daily…with 3 tabs open on my ipad air. Complete nonsense.

    • Ryan

      ^^Agreed. If the OS is so “optimized” and we’re spending $600+ this shouldn’t be happening

    • cartfan88

      Is this something that happens more with the 64 bit chipped devices?

  • teddygramz2060

    battery life better be serriously fix

  • UBC

    iOS 7 is not smooth or fast on my iPhone 5s compared to my nexus4 with kitkat! I’m not trying to stoke sides, I don’t care what the tool is as long as it workes well. The only button on the thing hardly ever wakes it. I have to press it six or seven time before the lock screen comes up. I’ve had almost all the apple apps crash on me frequently. The apps don’t intergrate into the os at all, you always have to go back to the home screen then into the new app, it’s so fractured compadred to android. The screen is way to small for my hands. Apple needs to step it up in a big way. Like when they first introduced the first iPhone.

    • realitycheck

      its fast for me, the buttons work flawlessly and apps crash a fraction of the time compared to when i had android. Android is so fractured due to its various screen sizes, developers arent able to optimize the screen space. I felt most of the comparable apps on android were 2nd rate compared to their counterparts on ios. The screens are way too big for my needs and most of the 1st tier oem phones have poorer design and build quality.

      see what i did there?

    • sicsicpuppy

      #1 you dont own a 5S and just trolling
      #2 if you do own a 5 S and have button issues ,it’s a simple warranty replacement

    • Infernovideo

      LOL, Yes I do actually own a 5s 64 gb in space grey, got it from work in October… and no I’m not trolling!
      I do have all the issues listed and like I said I’m not picking sides.
      I like using tools that work. When the iPhone first came out it was head and shoulders above the others but today I’m not finding that the case at all.

  • fashu

    i traded in my z10 for an iphone 4 and will never look back. good riddance to that plastic garbage from bb and dead os with no app support. cannot wait for a REAL OS update from APPLE.

    • PT

      “cannot wait for a REAL OS update from APPLE.”

      And when that will ever happen?

  • PT

    So … Are you going to fix the battery drain, overheating and antenate issues this time or the idonkeys have to wait until iOS 10.1?

  • teddy gramz

    iphone 5 has ios 9.23 wtf are you talking bout