Rogers helps residents of Ontario impacted by ice storm with free WiFi and device charging stations

Rogers is lending a helping hand to those impacted by the recent Ontario ice storm. Many were stuck without power for hours and days, and some are unfortunately still in the dark. The various hydro companies have been working around the clock to restore basic services.

Many carriers, including Rogers, experienced some sort of network outage. To make things a bit easier this holiday season, Rogers is working with the Canadian Red Cross to provide shelters across the province, and are offering will hygiene kits to visitors. The company also stated that anyone can waltz into one of their 89 retail locations to access their WiFi and charge devices, and “use courtesy phones and laptops to keep in touch with loved ones.”

Rogers did note that the extreme weather conditions mainly hit home phone, internet and television customers, but “ninety-five percent of wireless services are available and can be used to make emergency calls.”

Bob Berner, Rogers Chief Technology Officer, stated, “All hands are on deck and working around the clock to restore services to our customers as quickly as possible. In addition to restoring services, we’re supporting the Red Cross, opening up our retail stores and continuing to look for ways to help those in need.”

Source: CNW

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