PlayOn launches for BlackBerry 10, lets Canadians stream Netflix and other subscription services to a Z10 or Q10


  • hoo dat

    $25 per year seems excessive, so does $50 for a lifetime subscription. I side loaded Netflix a few months ago for free and it worked fine. Trouble is it’s still Netflix Canada, which is pretty much useless, so I let my trial subscription lapse and deleted it from my device. I really don’t know why so many people hang so much weight on such a mediocre service such as Netflix.

    • Josh Brown

      Can you change proxy settings on BB10? on android there is an app called orbot that uses the tor network to fake a USA IP adress. if you have root you can pick and chose what apps use it.

    • hoo dat

      I thought about doing something like this but to be perfectly honest I don’t think Netflix in any form is worth the effort, there are far better efforts out there. I’m just struggling with the idea that many people consider it a premium, must have app.

    • Josh Brown

      I love netflix. I just got it and now I want to cancel cable. Works on my computers, my phones and my PS3. The only thing they need to work on is getting the new seasons out faster.

      This is how you are going to watch TV and movies in the very near future. Everything is going streaming. Cable and media, even downloading is going to be a thing of the past.

    • LookieYouYerAJew

      And with your mentality it’s understandable you choose to use a blackberry. Perhaps one day you will see the light. Probably only when your hand is forced.

    • hoo dat



  • Josh Brown

    It is there is just a lot of people that don’t want to admit it yet. It is the first step of the greiving process

    1. Denial


    3. Bargaining

    4. Depression

    5. Acceptance

    • LookieYouYerAJew


  • SupaDawg

    Nice to see that the “rewards certainly outweigh the benefits” … I was concerned.