PlayOn launches for BlackBerry 10, lets Canadians stream Netflix and other subscription services to a Z10 or Q10

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PlayOn, a streaming service that sends media from a Windows machine to one of many destinations, including gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones, has launched on the BlackBerry 10.

By installing the software on a Windows PC (it doesn’t look like OS X compatibility is coming anytime soon), users can connect with a number of streaming services like Netflix, Vevo, YouTube and more and push the content down to a BlackBerry 10 device. The app itself is free, but an annual subscription of $24.99 a year, or a one-time payment of $49.99, is necessary to continue after a 30-day trial.

PlayOn appears to be one of the only legitimate ways to access Netflix content on a BlackBerry 10 device, and while many of the other channels, like Hulu and Pandora, are not available to Canadians, there is still a wealth of media to choose from. Like Plex, users can also stream local media stored on their PC to PlayOn.

The limitation of having to have a Windows PC to push content down is a bit cumbersome, but the rewards certainly outweigh the benefits, especially in an ecosystem as bereft of streaming media choices as BlackBerry 10.

Download PlayOn for BlackBerry 10.

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