Virgin Mobile to revamp monthly plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum will be the new names


  • Brad F

    that “platinum” tier plan sounds just like the fido 80$ plan minus 10 dollars for no canadian LD, which I’ve been asking fido to do for at least 7-8 months. glad to see the competition bring it out first /sarcasm

    some people just do not need the LD.

    • Al

      Long distance doesn’t need to exist at all.

    • Platinum

      No Patinum or Iridium??
      The Titanium package is the best.

      -LOL, this sounds like Marketing from the 90’s!

    • Darth Paton

      Decent plans but no thanks, I’m already on the Carbon Monoxide plan :/

    • Mat

      Uh, hasn’t Fido been offering the exact same plan (that 80$ one) for 57$ for over a month now? Hell, for a while it was 2Gb data at 56$…

      So what’s your point? Wanted to sound like a martyr?

  • Acco

    So called Platinum tier. 70 bucks is highway robbery by international standards. 🙁

    T-Mobile US: $30 for 100 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data (5GB softcap), no contract.

    Sprint: $80 for 450 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data, contract 24 mo.


    • Brad F

      what are their unlimited talk plans? those ones you’ve pointed out have limits on the minutes.

    • placator

      Geez…then move to the States!

    • Acco

      Unlimited T-mobile: $60 a month. 2GB softcap, no contract.

      $90 a month, 5GB softcap, 24mo term.

      Keep in mind, all US plans don’t distinguish between a LD and local minute, as long as it’s within the US.

  • Eric Leamen

    How many of these branding changes has Virgin gone through over the years? They started with “By the day” “By the month” and “By the minute”. Then they had “sizes”, like XL, M, S, etc. Now Gold, Silver, and Bronze. I swear I’m missing one.

    • Brad F

      every company has done that, its not just virgin. everyone is trying to simplify their plans but in doing that, they’re somewhat trying to pigeon hole everybody into the same plans that may not be the best for each individual.

  • Mediartist

    Still priced too high. I have better than that for less.

  • Richard

    Koodo has that $70 plan for $60……plus the calling is Canada Wide

    • Brad F

      and fido does it for $57, although u can not get an iphone on it.

    • kisd

      Virgin also has the $60 plan Koodo offers, but the $70 varient gives $500 subsidy. The $60 will probably be a silver tier.

    • Distortion Field

      Does Koodo also give you up to $500 on the Tab for that plan?

  • Rich

    Oh Wind, why did you get stuck with AWS :(. Quite a few of us would have jumped ship if it wasn’t for compatibility issues.

    • Brad F

      regardless of what system they’re using, they still do not have national coverage. i think reception is like #1 reason why people havent gone with wind.


    You can tell when the holiday season is over and the prices and deals are over and the Big 3 go back to ripping us off until the next season or super phone comes out then for a limited time we get the plan that we should be getting all year round

    • sp

      thats funny… the plans from Rogers, Bell and Telus have been kind of uniform for a bit now…

      so i dont think the holidays have anything to do with that.

  • marion

    who the heck pays $90 on their bill?

    • Brad F

      iphone users

  • anona

    @Acco- neither of your examples are unlimited calling

  • Al

    Anyone know whos network Speakout and Petro Canada piggy back on?

    • Brad F

      speakout is def rogers. havent done a petro canada one though.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Acco, comparing this “Platinum” with T-Mo’s prepaid plans is not a fair comparison. First of all this is a tier that gives you a $500 subsidy, so that accounts for almost $15 of the monthly fee. If you wanted to get more bang for your buck with less subsidy, you’d take a talk & text plan and use the “commitment free data”.

    Second, there is absolutely no comparison of Virgin’s (Bell’s) network with T-Mobile or Sprint in terms of coverage. Bell is a top-tier solid network with excellent speeds across the country. T-Mobile is full of EDGE-only and no-service patches, and Sprint is mostly slow 3G with some tiny pods of LTE and large pockets of no service or inter-carrier roaming. Ultimately there are no CDN carriers that compare with the likes of Sprint or T-Mobile, which are large carriers with significant gaps. Our WIND and Mobilicity are more comparable to, say, MetroPCS.

  • MapleHamwich

    Still horrible. 1GB data cap for $70? Really? A major overhaul in this industry is needed.

  • Aryana

    coping from Fido’s Standard, Smart and Max plans!

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Why dont these companies just call them the ….Bend Over Plan , because thats pretty much the way it is .

  • Drunny

    I love articles like these!
    They only make my plan look that much better by comparison.
    Awww yeeeeaaaahh!

  • Mojo

    Lol I have the $57 plan with virgin, no contract, 2GB data and unlimited calling + all the add-ons + the iphone.

  • Guy In The Know

    Data is where the money is, so of course these providers are going to focus on gimmicks like unlimited nationwide calling to suck customers in.

    Cell providers are well aware they are seeing 5x to 6x more data than voice traffic on their networks.

  • MattyMattMatt

    I have been awaiting a third tier for a long time to be honest. I hope pricing works out well.

  • David

    “Bling bling” Yeah you say that because you have to much money from us.