Virgin Mobile to revamp monthly plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum will be the new names

Effective January 25th Virgin Mobile will be changing up the structure of their monthly rate plans. Details are currently slim, but what we do know is that there’ll be three tiers of “Rockstar Plans” with different features and new flashy names: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Silver plans are equivalent to the basic “Choice” talk & text plans ($20-$45/month) and will see $150 off any phone. The Gold plans ($35-$55/month) are the mid range promos that have data included and will see $300 off any device. Finally, the Platinum plans ($50-$90/month) is equivalent to the “Combo” with data plans and will see $500 off any phone.

We’re also hearing that Virgin will be coming out with some “Gold” tiered promos, plus the “Platinum” tier will see a new $70/month plan that has 1GB data, unlimited local minutes, unlimited text/picture messaging, voicemail and caller display. We’ll have more specific plan details soon, but looks like the upfront cost of flagship devices will be a bit more palatable.

(Thanks Tipster)

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