Android 4.2.1 update rolling out to Nexus 4, 7 and 10 (brings back the month of December)


  • G

    I hope it fixes the screen flicker.

  • menoworry

    Great , now all I need is to be able to order a Nexus 4

  • Anonmyous

    Nexus 7 is not included. Check those sources.

  • hoo dat

    Christmas has been saved!

  • Vengefulspirit99

    and that’s how Google saved Christmas…

  • Hub

    And now most Android user still wait for even 4.1, let alone 4.0.

    • NEXUS

      That’s why you only buy Nexus devices. NOOB!!!

  • caribouroader

    Hope it does not surreptitiously disable LTE on the N4.

    • andy c

      LTE or December in the contact list?

      considering this does not affect the calandar i would pick LTE

  • Dylan K

    No update on the Nexus 7 yet for me. Meh, still having no issues with 4.1.2, so I’m patient.

  • Ender666666

    I’m not seeing this update yet for my N4. I read that it preserves LTE loophole. Does anyone if it breaks Root?

    • Mark

      It can take several days for an update to fully complete its random rollout cycle. OTA’s typically break root, but I don’t know if it is confirmed on the N4 yet. OTA Rootkeeper may help.

    • Mark

      I’ve just read that apparently it does break root.

  • EmperumanV

    To Ender666666 it breaks root but you can use Voodoo Rootkeeper or just install SuperSu again.

  • dbott67

    I read through the thread over at XDA and didn’t see any posts about the GNex receiving updates yet or users in Canada/US getting updates on the Nexus 4, either.

    Anyone in Canada get 4.2.1 yet (either N4 or GNex)?

    • Mark

      Don’t think the Gnex yakju/takju updates are live yet (I hae not got it). I’m not sure if it has been determined yet if there is one build for everyone or if there are regional variants of the N4 that receive different OTA url’s.

  • S2

    thank u for the update.. Now can we plz get a update for jelly bean on S2x……

  • ActivesiN

    Nice try the Grinch, but Christmas can’t be stolen!

  • JC Denton

    Running Galaxy Nexus 4.2 Takju, cleared Google Services Framework cache once–no update yet.

  • ElNad

    Was on 4.2, went back to 4.1.2 Sunday. My GNex was slow, the battery wasn’t that good after the 4.2 update so I went back to 4.1.2, put back LeanKernel and everything is fine again. I’m probably going to Codename Android 3.8 as the last update to my GNex.

    The only thing I really miss is pinch-to-zoom in Gmail.

  • jack

    dont see sh*t on my n 10

  • anelectricmind

    just received update on my N7 (2:45 PM EST). Currently installing… (was rooted… will update)

  • anelectricmind

    … update : don’t know if it broke root as I had OTA rootkeeper. but DECEMBER IS BACK!

    Will check tonight about the screen flickering on Auto-brightness (as this was the other issue I could notice). Couldn’t tell about battery drain or bluetooth.

  • Pat

    I got my update on my nexus 7. I’m wondering why a small update can get to my nexus device so fast, but for 4.1.2 and 4.2 I had to wait about 4 days.

  • Chaulky White

    One of the best roms for my GNEX which I have used and will probably stick with from now on is the Xenon HD rom found on XDA.

    This rom is buttery smooth and there is no major glitches. Improved batter life and performance as well as the extra features not found on most roms.

    I have a feeling that Google is watching these roms and taking their ideas and then implementing these ideas for their next updates!

  • Evan

    nice, hope to see this on the galaxy nexus soon!

  • Brian

    I received the 1.1mb update this evening in the UK for my Nexus 7.
    Still shows 4.2 in Settings/About though.
    I didn’t moan about Root either:-)

  • Brian

    Root is still there.
    I had OTA Root keeper installed but didn’t need it it seems

  • maizein

    Just got an update on my Rogers galaxy nexus but surprisingly it’s 4.2, not 4.2.1.

    My nexus 7 was updated a while ago to 4.2 as well but no 4.2.1 yet…

  • Eli Sand

    Just for the update on a Canadian device as well. Confirmed it’s 4.2.1 with a build number of JOP40D.

    This update seems to fix issues with the notification led which previously seemed to never work. Now I’m getting led notifications for everything without any third party apps running to control the led.