Google Maps for iOS leaks in blurry photos, confirms nothing


  • np

    HAHAHA oh wow thank you for the laugh. Lost it when I read the title. “confirms nothing” this is legendary

    • 2Xpensive

      This “article is simply “EPIC”!!

      “Confirmed Rumours about a Leak contain pictures about something that we are not sure if its the real thing”

      If you were short on your quota for articles you should have simply posted a classic:

      “Top Canadian stories from the past week, plus other news from around the web”

      -Don’t overthink it!
      -ZERO points for form; 8 points for effort!

  • Kid.Canada

    Get a Galaxy S3 and problem solved. You’re getting a way better phone with a fully features Android OS. Tadaaa!

  • Ryan

    I most certainly would welcome back google maps.

  • Betty

    BB10 devices will have better maps anyways.

  • g-money

    This would be fantastic add on to a great phone. For once, I would like to see a gs3 user keep their comments to themselves?
    I understand the differences between Android and iOS, but seriously, give it a rest. No-one with an iPhone 5 cares much about your copyright infringing company phone.

    • And now you know.

      With the release of an IPhone 5, Apple has violated eight of Samsung’s patents.


    • Kingspec

      Yeaaaah…because iPhone users NEVER rub it in other people’s faces about their phone. “Apple fanboy MAD!” – Hulk voice.

  • Jebus

    BB and FS are giving away free paper maps with the purchase of an iPhone 5. Im sold! Hurry! Limited quantities!

  • Brett

    love the title “Confirms nothing”

    Man I really feel bad for apple after releasing the IPhone5.. In less then a year your looking at an overpriced piece of the design and build quality but the competition is catching up! There’s no denying it.

    • Jesus666

      People have reported rattling on the inside of the phone when shaken.

      The bezel, as well as the back cover, are prone to scratching. The early batches of phones came pre-scratched, as well as dented.

      Then, of course, there is interferance with Wi-Fi, due to materials used, and the location of antenna/reciever, causing some people to run up their cellphone bills.

      Let us not forget the camera glare, not present in any other non-Apple mobile device. Apple has told users that they are hodling the phone incorrectly… Sounds familiar?

      And, of course, the screen bleeding and discoloration found in more that just a few devices.

      Finally, an IPhone 5 is a stretched out version of the last 3 reiterations of an IPhone, with the IU that looked the same since 2005.

      With all that said, so you still “love” the “design and build quality”?

      “the competition is catching up”

      … the competition has overtaken an IPhone several years ago. Unfortunately, IZombies still are blind to better offerings, and keep re-buying the same phone every year.

  • Brad F

    “Since the release of iOS 6 in mid-September, users have been clamoring – no, begging — for a native Google Maps app.”

    Begging? I’m not sure how you got from “users have been slightly inconvenienced” to “users are begging for better maps”.

    I think SNL’s skit just about nailed it: “Oh, maps takes you to Macy’s instead of JC Penny? Oh, life must be so hard for you. In China, we sleep where we work, so maps not big deal for us.”

  • andy c

    If Google charged 4.99 for a maps app I bet it would make Google some nice pocket change. Especially if the app had transit directions

    • NorOntByndWrlss

      @andy c It is hilarious how Apple Users need to relie on the competition so they can complete a simple task such as look at a map on their “Amazing iPhone.” Google should charge for the IOS version of this app. Maybe next time the iSheep will actually make an intelligent decision and not just buy what all of their friends have. Windows 7/8, Android and even BB7 devices from last year are still ahead of the iPhone 5.

  • Roger

    As a sick joke, they should charge for the app.

  • Sandra M

    If you want Google maps native, then maybe buy a Google phone…. But that would just be downright logical…. (unlike buying the same phone year after year and believing its new and innovative)