RIM aiming for November release of Gold version of BlackBerry 10 SDK


  • Natasha

    Goooo Rimpire!


      What are they at now? Silver? Or Bronze? LOL

      Go for Gold RIM! Too bad that will happen AFTER the olympics.

      More like Fool’s Gold!

    • Suri

      If I load this Gold dev OS on my Pearl Flip, will I be able to run BB10?

    • Protected

      Didn’t RIM say that BB10 was coming last Year?
      -What’s different this time??
      -Almost JULY and they are still in DEVELOPER ALPHA?? What a joke!
      -EVEN IF( The mother or all IFs) they had the GOLD SDK, that is still for Developers, not even a RC ( Release Candidate)
      As we know there is RC1, RC2, etc..then theres is RTM ( Release to Marketing/Market) and then theres is the hardware, so basically THERE IS NO NEWS, NO THING NEW HERE, they are on track to Q1!

      Of course they release this after RIMM closed under $7 for the third day in a row ( Doesn’t look like it will go up!)

  • Sean

    So how long until we get SDK ports running on android devices like what happened with JB before the source dropped?

    • Protected

      Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) is a FINISHED PRODUCT!!
      That’s why it got ported in two weeks to Nexus S, Nexus Captivate, Samsung Galaxy S2 and now coming to the HTC One X and S.

      BB10 is a product in Developer-ALPHA stage, it will be ready by Q1 2013 as Heins said, the question is: RIM has to wait EIGHT Months, stock is at $6.95, they just released the last OS7 device: the 9320 ( with a BBM button yeah!) and they have now $1.85B in cash( They used to have 2B but just lost a lawsuit)

  • Munir

    Since they don’t have any product for another 6 months, the only thing they can talk about is BB10. Do they have any other option? Silence for another 6 months will make the stock price 2$.
    I am a hardcore android user but I want to see RIM succeed. But all these delays are making me worried about the company’s future… Is it sooooo hard that the whole process is taking about 2 years? They already had QNX running in the playbook! How hard it is to port that into mobile?
    They are setting a goal for the OS but seeing the improvement in Jelly Bin over ICS in my Galaxy Nexus I think it will be too late for them to catch the train… Good luck though.

    • what

      QNX is merely the foundation of the OS; the kernel, if you will. BB10 is a completely new platform built from the ground up.

      As a developer, I just attended two webinars by RIM today and I now fully understand why it’s taking so long. BB10 will be extremely polished by launch time. I’m thoroughly impressed with what I saw.

    • grahamf

      Munir, if you buy 1,000 RIM stocks at $2 each and the stocks shoot up to $60, how much money will you have?

    • BB

      from what I have seen BB10 will be above the rest. With an OS like this, the only thing RIM needs to do now is pull an apple and market a great looking device and the rest will follow. Sadly, today phones sell based on looks and then functions.

    • Protected

      You as a developer might be “impressed with what you saw” but you have to pay bills and you can’t develop for them for another eight months. So what platform are you going to develop for in the next eight months?

      – That’s why so many developers are leaving the RIM ecosystem.
      -Even if you believe the RIM chart that RIM developers make 10% more than any other platform.
      90% for the next eight months is MORE than 0% for the next eight months!

      And that’s why RIM will keep on dropping one dollar a month!

    • BB

      I agree that right now for some it is not worth developing for bb10 because there is no phone to develop it for, but you also have to look at the speed things are changing. As well, RIM/QNX are making it rather simple for just about anyone to develop for the new OS. This means developers don’t have to waste as much time creating apps and can still focus on Apple OS or Android OS. If they can get it perfected to have Android apps put on the OS that is half the battle right there. RIM is also rewarding developers nicely who do create apps for this new OS.

  • Dan S

    I want a BB10 phone so badly.

    • Protected

      You and everybody else!
      But you have to wait for eight months for BB10 to be ready and nobody knows when you will be able to buy the Overpriced BB10 phone at Telus and the decently priced one at Virgin, Koodo. But end of Q1 2013 sounds realistic.

      The roadmap to follow is RIM stock: if $6.95 in July drops to $5 in October, then the iphone and Windows 8 come out and …add the Q reports for the rest of the year and the road map has more red ink than “Shark Week”!!

      Lots of things will happen before BB10!

    • marorun

      I dont mean to be negative…
      But where are BB8 and BB9 ??? They jumped version?

  • schultzter

    The idea of having an Android Runtime sounds cool. Hopefully it’s seemless and Android apps “just run” on BB10.

    I’m not sure I understand what Adobe AIR is doing there though. If they start squawking about “we have Adobe AIR so we’re better than anyone else” I’m going to barf!

    • what

      AIR is only there to lower the barrier to entry for app developers who don’t want to go as low as using an app generator (which many iOS apps are developed with these days). I don’t like AIR as a platform and most of the apps are laggy, but I don’t think many people will be developing on AIR so it’s just a “nice to have” feature.

  • ASH

    does this work on BB10؟ 🙂

  • Jamma3

    Won’t even make it to the startimg blocks…phone is 2 years late.

  • vn33

    Yet another brainless parrot who only knows how to repeat those two words for the millionth time !!!
    Can you say anything more intelligent ? Oh wait … you only know how to mindlessly repeat nonsense !!!

  • Screw you guys im going home


  • Kevin

    RIM needs to be open as the last delay was a total shock to a lot of people.

    I still have my $$ ready for January though. Bring it RIM!!!!!!

  • APR

    This definitely restores faith to a great extent. The delay in BB10 handsets has definitely caused frustrations but these steps by RIM prove that they are committed. iOS and Android are both great but we must not forget that it took a good amount of time to develop and polish them. If BB10 turns out to be a great OS, Android and iOS will be pushed to innovate more and consumers will benefit. No point in singing “RIP RIM” song again and again!

  • APR

    First of all, you not caring for RIM does not mean everybody else does not care! As far as your assumption on what happens in Q1 goes, only time will tell how things unfold. My simple point was RIM is trying hard and it is a good sign for technology market, consumers and Canadian economy. Why the hate?

  • Faisal Mohamed

    The nice thing is we also got a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS update.

    Updated OS, new tools, developers are loving today.

  • Gab

    I think RIM should just rebrand as the Berack Obamaberry, they would have much better sales than now, if they did.

  • Krom

    RIM this RIM that .
    Please , do they really think the Mobile players will stop development of there Os and Hardware for RIM ?

    I will be shocked if RIM is still in front of Win8 by end of Q1. For Android and IOS , there is no HOPE in hell they will compete there.
    Sorry but you have to be realistic!