RIM aiming for November release of Gold version of BlackBerry 10 SDK

RIM laid down the groundwork for its BlackBerry 10 SDK today, and the future looks pretty friendly. In a post on its Developer Blog, the team detailed the next four months of BlackBerry 10 development and introduced a new version of BB10 Dev Alpha software, along with version 6 of its SDK, available for download today.

The remaining schedule looks like this:

– R8: September SDK Beta Release (API Freeze, Binary Compatible with Gold)
– R9: October SDK Beta Release (bug fixes)
– R10: November Gold SDK Release (bug fixes)

Once the Gold SDK is released to the public, developers will have an advanced set of tools to work with, including “Native, HTML5, Adobe AIR, and Android runtimes,” but as of today they can submit early versions of apps to BlackBerry App World so fellow developers can assess them for bugs and features.

What’s impressive is how open RIM is being about its BB10 developer roadmap, intending to release full release notes in the coming weeks.

Via: BlackBerry Developer Blog

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