Google Places for iOS relaunches as Google+ Local with Zagat integration

Google Places rebranded in May to Google+ Local, integrated the company’s newly-purchased Zagat assets and a number of other social elements in order to better compete with Yelp and its ilk.

The update first came to Android and has now expanded to iOS, replacing the old Places app, with the same GPS-based features and Zagat ratings. The interface is clean and the placing quite accurate: it found me within a few feet of where I was standing. The categories are divided into Restaurants, Coffee, Bars, ATMs, Gas Stations, Hotels, Attractions, Pizza and Post Offices, and you can save favourites to be used later on. Reviews tend to be pretty fleshed out: a nearby restaurant had 16 reviews to read through.

Google+ Local also integrates voice searching right onto the top search bar, allowing you to quickly input information while on the go.

Google+ Local is a free download from the App Store.

Via: The Verge

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