Facebook for Android updated with better performance, Messenger and Camera shortcuts


  • hdlineage

    it seems we are able to tag photos as well

  • goose

    Not a fan of the update. The added shortcuts are an annoyance and there is no option in ‘settings’ to remove them. Uninstalling a shortcut results in an uninstall of the facebook app itself. Lame.

  • Sean

    I see you guys are now using the One X as your daily driver.

    Also this one better make Facebook usable on the Galaxy Nexus

  • Jesse

    Good to see FB implement something that Google was too lazy to do and something MS has been doing for ages with Windows Phone…

    • Matt Test

      What the hell are you talking about? Sharing photos with Facebook? I’ve been doing that since Eclair. Facebook Messenger? just a lame shorcut to something that’s already in the app.

  • Emperuman V

    Still use the full version of Facebook on my browser. No app needed.

  • Jason

    Not a fan of app Icon spam. That is all it is.
    Getting very tired of Facebook taking over my phone!

  • user

    Forced bloatwares and icon spam. sticking with mobile site and FriendCaster app.

  • Paulman

    Is this only for ICS? Because I can’t see it on my 2.3.5 i9100 (Galaxy S II)

  • Paulman

    NEVER MIND, I see it 😛

  • Jem

    Still can’t directly save/download photos from app. Or copy text in the app. These are 2 biggest issues I want addressed.

  • Jay

    When is facebook and google going to place nice when it comes to syncing? I’ve been waiting for facebook to allow my galaxy nexus to match contacts on my phone with their profile pics on facebook. I don’t want to download third party apps or pay for ones in order to get this done. But sadly my old iphone was able to do this.

    • Mike

      I didn’t want to either but HaxSync does a really great job in the end. Better than the sync provided by the Facebook app on Gingerbread and earlier.

  • Dave


    Google has provided an API for apps to sync contacts and even show/link updates. If Facebook doesn’t want to use it, that’s on them.

    If you don’t want to use a third-party app to fill that gap (I use and recommend HaxSync), that’s on you.

  • shark

    can someone more knowledgeable than me please tell me how to put “friends” tab in app higher in the list under favorites?
    I hope you know what i mean…as after last update….when i click the very top left button…it has me at top.
    then below that it says favorites and has news feed, messages, nearby, events, then find friends.
    It used to have “friends” in that section and since other than clicking to visit my home page…friends is the next most popular clicking option for me…i would choose that…now i have to every time scroll way down to find friends and click it….why would such a popular option be something i have to scroll? used to be on main screen without scrolling. can i add it to favorites and if so…how in the app..not main faceboook…but in the app..how do i do thatÉ