RIM outlines BlackBerry 10 Platform Roadmap, including Cascades framework and SuperApps


  • TheTigerTek

    I can’t wait for BB10 phones. I love my PlayBook… I’m holding off renewing one of my contract so I get a BB10 phone.

    • Ivan L.

      Look at this innovation by RIM! Super Apps vs Apple and Android regular apps. Which would you rather have!? Its a no-brainer!

      They have done exactly what Apple did in 2000 and turned the company around and will take the #1 spot back in the mobile world by the end of March.


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    • Francisco

      Unfortunately for RIM, their roadmap has a DEAD END sign in the horizon.

      RIP RIM

    • Jake

      Me too.
      In addition to that, my wife and daughter both want to get rid of their iPhones when the BB10 phones come out.
      The OS on the PlayBook gives us a glimpse at what BB10 is going to look like, and it looks great!
      Ps. We have three PlayBooks.

  • 99bucksPB

    “BlackBerry 10 may still seem like a far-off notion”
    -II IS!!

    • 99bucksPB

      “BlackBerry 10 may still seem like a far-off notion”
      -IT IS!!

      Classic RIM Roadmap:

      Mobile World Congress 2012 is on; everybody RELEASING new phones with PRICING, and they release a “Vapor-Map” with no dates.

      I really want RIM to succeed but they keep releasing clones of past phones as new phones; keep developing for OS 6 and 7 and they still think their phones have to be sold at a premium price!

      All the specs that they mentioned for their Super Phone in BB10 ARE REAL and will be sold in 2-3 months; That’s no vapor-ware.

  • Betty Koyle

    Looks great. So much innovation. It’s going to save them for sure. Just wait. Great devices coming out soon!

  • Adam

    LOL! 13% of blackberry developers have made 100K+ from blackberry apps.

    considering how long the app world has been around, and this does not say 100K per year, just 100K total, not impressive.

    M$ has made 100K+ jokes

  • Chris

    Maybe this will attract a lot of thumbs down, but why doesn’t RIM sell current “premium” phones off-contract for less? BB10 renders BB7 phones obsolete, so why not get consumers who are price-conscious onboard the BBM system? They won’t upgrade immediately to BB10 but they, and new users, will eventually do so if they get hooked to BBM.

    Curve is already “cheap” but not in comparison to cheap androids and windows phone lumia budget models, it’s expensive. Again, why not cut the price to promote?

  • LC

    @ 99bucksPB

    While I agree that the lack of dates sucks. How do you expect them to release pricing and hardware when there is none to release? You don’t see apple releasing dates specs and hardware at MWC or anywhere else right now for their next iteration of IPhone. Why is it ok for them?

    However, I completely disagree with your comment about “…but they keep releasing clones of past phones as new phones..”

    Do you mean to tell me that Apple is not releasing the same phone over and over again?

    Do you mean to tell me that every Android phone doesn’t look EXACTLY the same from ALL manufacturers?

    Come on.. get your head out of your a*s and don’t make stupid comments just for the sake of making hate comments towards a brand that you obviously have a bias against.

  • Everyone

    Oh RIM, please just go out of business so Canada can stop being embarrassed for you.

    • Dimitri.k

      That is why they are still on top in Canada & some parts of the world? hmm..

  • Alex Perrier

    Arf arf, I’m a gooooood doggie!

    • Sheeple

      “Bahhh, Bahhh!” says the sheep.

  • Natty

    I don’t care if blackberry 10 has no release date, neither does iPhone 5, it means the the company is focused on getting it right this time around, rather than its get it out there right now mantra of the past. This company has always delivered rush jobs to market, remember the blackberry storm coming months after the iPhone 3G ? Sexy to look at but that wasn’t very good. This new platform can literally save rim or send it to the rubbish bin in many markets, so if they take a few extra months to tweak it into something dynamic that these tech sites that seemingly get paid to spew negativity against blackberry can love, I think they will be better for it, if windows phone can gain substantial ground than a good bb product can certainly do so.

  • nauman

    I don’t understand why so many Canadians want RIM to die. I definitely think they need to step up their game but come on.

    You know the impact it will have on the economy, especially in KW area. They employ 12,000 people. Not to mention the trickle down effect of the jobs lost.

    I don’t want them dead, but want them to actually start showing the innovation and stop showing things, 6 months before they are ready.

  • Don

    My phone contract is up in 16 months. That’s how long RIM has to impress me.

  • JB

    I love my Playbook, enough that I would love to get a BB to use Bridge, but the 9900 is a dead-end and all the others are ugly and equally dead-end.

    No matter how much I love my Playbook, RIM has nothing else to sell me until “Late 2012” and that is where the failure lies. If you are going to take a huge hair-cut on selling the PB, you need to have something to make that money back, or a profitable ecosystem to drive revenue. RIM has neither, and that makes me worried for RIM’s future.

    I’m afraid that Waterloo has become a self-congratulating echo-chamber, with little access to the ideas and culture that have made Silicon Valley the place to be.

  • Ryan

    I already am developing for PlayBook and I intend to keep going for BlackBerry 10. The main reason is that last slide: it is far more profitable for the average mediocre developer. A couple of years ago RIM was known for having a terrible developer experience, but they have worked extremely hard to change that and I love the experience now.

  • Darryl

    It amazes me reading some of the comments on this blog. Most of them have no basis in reality people just post so they can see their comments on the internet but add nothing of substance to the discussion.

    Apple went from trading in the $60’s a decade ago to trading at $15 p/share and is now the most valuable company in the world. They did that by coming out with a new operating system and later with new hardware/software technology. Up to that point the top analysts had written them off and said that Microsoft had won the war!

    Technology moves at the speed of sound or maybe light. A company can be on top of the world then hit rock bottom and climb back to the top and can there’s lots of room in between.

    I have an android device but I have also owned an iPhone and a Blackberry Bold. I’m personally hoping that RIM is succesful since they are the only ones that can encrypt my data from prying eyes! Their hardware and software has fallen way behind but hopefully, like Apple, they turn this around.

  • Zagabog

    I can speak to the truth of the paid apps, at least on a personal level. I have spent exactly $0 on apps for my Android phone, but I’ve spent probably $15 on apps for my PlayBook since getting it three weeks ago. (Mostly because all the best PB apps cost money at this point.) If you don’t give it away for free, people will have to pay. What a concept! And you know what? I really like not having ads in my apps and games….

  • Betty Koyle

    The pearl flip is revolutionary. They need to market this great device to more people.

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  • Ruwaiting

    Somebody mentioned the point of this article:
    There is plenty of OS 5,6, and 7 devices out there; technically they are all obsolete since BB10 is SELLING the phone on the last week of September (right after Q2 earnings report) so they should be selling the Curve for $99 and the rest of the lineup at reduced prices.
    -These days only RIM users are buying RIM products; they can either jump into a different ecosystem or stay with RIM and WAIT for more than half a year to get the new phone. There are not that many people in that situation and with nothing new to sell for half a year and another half a Billion hit for the Playbooks sold in Q4, the 1.5B they have its not going to last more than 2-3 Q.
    RIMM stock at $14.25 – $7.47B Market Cap
    That’s the reality!

  • hurds

    RIM is the only company left innovating and offering something unique. The other ones are either copying eachother or in litigation with one another. Android and iOS are getting pretty long in the tooth

  • Darryl

    @Ruwaiting and other posters. There is no definitive in this game of technology. More than once Apple was done for and at one point Microsoft bailed them out by infusing money into them. When the iPhone came out no one initially believed that there would be a market this large for a phone/ipod. When the ipad came out everyone said it was an oversized iphone/ipod and therefore would fail. If anyone listened to the so called pundits, technology would never go forward!
    Again, I’ve used the iPad and really liked it. But, I feel it’s way too large for what I want to use it for. I like to play games but can’t justify buying an iPad for that. I love to read on my android phone with kobo and find the screen a little too small. (LG 2X) What I like about the playbook is the size. It fits in my coat pocket/suit pocket. So for me it’s the perfect size between my laptop and my phone.
    I’m a big android fan but really haven’t been impressed with their tablets. I love the fluidity of the Blackberry Playbook and the ease of multi-tasking.
    I really liked the playbook at $500 but at $200 with the ability to use some android apps I absolutely love it! However I don’t think it’s enough to change RIMM’s position in the market. But I have seen enough in QNX to believe that their next series of phones could really be something special and if so, that maybe what changes the game! Fortunes can turn in a heart beat. It took RIM one year to go from trading at $70 to $15 and it can happen in reverse just as quickly (or even faster), with the right product. In the same way that the iPod change the fate of Apple!
    So please, add to the discussion and don’t just berate the company because they’re not at the top at the moment. As was said in an earlier post. The more competition, the better for us the end users.

    • TyroneLT

      The only way RIM pulls off anything remotely like Apple did is to completely revolutionize the mobile world the way they did. RIM’s new upcoming products may be improved but they do not offer enough innovation to cause a revolution where millions of Android and Apple users trade in their devices for RIM devices. The most I see BB10 devices is doing is keeping their current users happy pulling in a few more, but still not selling near as many units as Apple or Android.

  • zzZZzz

    @Darryl you’re absolutely right…
    However, they need to position themselves better in the market and actually target a certain demographic. Do you make phones for business people or do you make phones for teenagers?

    Business people start doubting their phones when their kids have the same ones. It doesn’t inspire prestige anymore, save for a high price point.

    In my opinion, if they keep having the same tier level pricing, they will lose even more market share.

    Make the Curve brand designated for kids, but price point 150$-200$. Sell it to teenagers, market it as such.

    Make the Bold for business people, fast, robust, etc. Advertise it as such! Keep it around 450-500$

    Put out another brand, say the Torch which would be a multimedia beast – large touch screen, dual/quad core processors able to handle any game, video recording situation. Advertise it as such. Sell it for 600-650$

    And that’s it!

    What we have right now.. Curves that have been in warehouses for over a year, Bolds 9900 which only sold a little in the first month and no1 touches anymore. Torches – same as Bolds.

  • TyroneLT

    This is classic RIM. Full of promises…no innovation which eventually leads to mediocre products. I do hope they succeed this time around but until I actually see a BB10 device, I’m not holding my breath.

  • mark

    So if RIM makes a comeback, will Apple sue them for copying their comeback?

  • Gillymike

    Why is it so improtant for RIM to give dates? Yet with everything that I read I see no one complaining about the secrecy of Apple. What their product is going to be is only known for sure when they reveal it yet everyone makes a fuss about now knowing what RIM’s product is.