Apple announces iTunes U app for iPad and iPhone




    • I forgot my meds

      Students and graduates use Apple. Failures and dropouts use android. Lots of customers for both. Everyone wins.

  • JG

    It’s about time really

  • CUriousCursor

    I really hope no canadian universities implement this. Apple’s lock-in would really suck

    • briggs

      no university would implement this. They’d lose too much money.

    • Pata

      Oxford, UCLA, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, and many other schools are implementing iTunes U in some way.

      Also, just because a school implements this it doesn’t mean it locks the school out from other means of distributing content. Services like Blackboard offer platform-agnostic alternatives and there is nothing stopping Microsoft, RIM, and Google making their own variants.

    • TNSF

      They are all going to implement this. Apple just claimed ownership of the entire education market. From now on, any student in K-12 or University will only ever want an iPad. Android is now DOA in these markets.

      Its like getting kids to start smoking when they are young. Customers for life.

      A brilliant strategy on Apple’s part.

  • Plazmic

    I would be very surprised if a single Canadian school signed with this. Severely raping the wallets of students and their parents is where they make a ton of cash, especially of revisions of books.

    • Gurtej

      Don’t expect this to get implemented in a lot of Canadian universities, especially U of Waterloo where Mike Lazaradis (RIM) is a Chairman.

  • James

    Oh yeah, can’t wait to have to buy an iPad. What’s wrong with a Web based utility like Blackboard?

    • Pata

      There’s nothing wrong, it just offers an alternative. I’ve never used it myself, but I’ve heard a lot of complaints that Blackboard isn’t the most well-designed, either for user experience or management. Competition for Blackboard will help make it a better product!

  • James

    This would be awful if schools implemented this and we were locked into iTunes. I’d like to see an open version from google.

  • Slype

    This is great. Every university that implements iTunes can now offer up to three new courses:

    CompSci402: Bloatware
    This semester, you will be learn how an overbloated and poorly coded piece of software can bring the speediest of computers to a crawl. We will be using iTunes as our primary case study.

    Design304: UX and software:
    This semester you will see how you can create frustrating and time consuming User Interface and yet offer just enough functionatliy to offset a design created by a lobotomized and emotionaly crippled monkey. We will primarily be using iTunes for our course material but we will reference software built in the 90’s as well.

    Business415: Brand Loyalty – The Ultimate Intangible
    The culmination of 4 years of study will show how intangibles such as brand loyalty and blind faith are indispensable to success. Our material willl focus on Apple Inc. and how poor application design (iTunes), lagging technology adoption (iPhone) and charismatic CEO can make you the most powerful software company in the world. Note that all students must look, dress and talk the same way all year long in order to pass the course. The course has been vastly revamped from last year but if you took it last year, you will not notice it.

  • Non

    Education is not a privilege, it’s a right. By doing this Apple ultimately does the opposite.

    Imagine the future: A course you want to take has a textbook that is only available on iTunes U. Dont have an iDevice then you’re out of luck. And this might happen because Apple told publishers they can set their own prices if they release titles exclusively for iTunes U.

  • Albert

    @Non You’re just trying to put down Apple without thinking. Many schools already have iPad apart of the tuition. Eliminating textbooks and using an iPad instead will probably be cheaper in the long run also. No one will be restricted because they don’t have an iDevice. That’s just ignorant of you to think.

    • stalemate

      iTunes U has been part of the iTunes package for a while now. And to access it, you need to have iTunes installed.

      So, true, you don’t have to use an “i” device, but you do have to use iTunes. In the minds of many – including my own – that’s restrictive in the sense that I can’t access only the “U” part of the experience, I must subject myself to the bloatware / ad service that is iTunes.

      Not for me, thanks.

    • Larissa

      I installed the new IOS 5 in my inpohe 4, before that my bupa2go was working perfectly, now it does everything even sent the quotation but it never reaches the mail where I send it, can you help me it was and incredible usefull app. for me to have on my phone but now is gone, I have to use my regular computer insted of have all the time with me. Thanks

  • Rio


    You dont need an iDevice to use iTunes U. Just a computer.

  • A

    um McGill among others are already on there, I don’t understand where no Canadian Universities come from… just saying…

  • idonkey

    It Changes Everything! After 6 months, have they ever able to fix the battery problems with the iphone 4s yet?