HP TouchPad 3.0.4 update adds camera app, increased performance


  • 0obaho0

    Sweet. At least it’s something. Still feels crappy having gotten it for full price. Womp womp

  • Brayden

    I’ll stick with my Android OS on it, thanks 😛

  • mikevan

    I figured there’d be some reason to leave dualboot on.

    Since I put CM7 Android on, I actually use the thing instead of leaving it sit.

    Can’t Imagine there’s anything I’ll do with WebOS again but never hurts. Main reason I picked up a 32GB.

  • Bort

    How about proper Enterprise WiFi support? How could they ever have hoped for this thing to be a big player in the office without this support?!

  • zaid

    Anyone know how to install the Android?

    • Bort


  • ActivesiN

    just updated mine, it is noticeably quicker

  • 0obaho0

    thanks for the link kevinc! will have to try again cuz it was purchased at launch so the FS ppl said they couldn’t do anything at the time because it was “more than 2 weeks from the date of purchase.” f*ckin a$$holes

  • redbarbvs

    you can also send text messages and receive them!! Love my Touchpad!!!!