Sony Ericsson makes good, details X10 Gingerbread update

The stewartship of a brand is probably a very difficult thing to control. So many factors go into every facet, from product design to public relations, and Sony Ericsson realized too late their design triumphs were being vastly overshadowed by their marketing failures.

Now a thing of legend, the Xperia X10 launched on beautiful hardware with a very underwhelming version of Android 1.6, and a vague update roadmap for Q4 2010. The upgrade to Android 2.1 came, and true to their word many of the nascent issues were fixed. By that time, however, Android 2.2 had come and gone, and 2.3 Gingerbread was near to debuting.

Suffice it to say, they saw a way to make amends with the thousands of frustrated X10 users, and alongside the launch of the Xperia arc and Play Sony Ericsson announced a Gingerbread update for the X10 slated for Q3 2011.

Today, a Sony Ericsson employee, Rikard Skogberg, took to the company’s Product Blog to explain and video showcase what we can expect from the update, expected for an August release.

Like the arc and Play, the Gingerbread update for the X10 will feature enhanced Facebook integration as well as WiFi hotspot support, Adobe Flash playback and apps to SD card storage, along with expected performance increases.

When will your Rogers X10 be getting the upgrade? Well, that depends on whether the carrier wants to test, customize and release an upgrade for a device that they would rather people replace with the current model. But if Sony Ericsson saw the light, maybe Rogers will, too?

Time will tell.

Source: Sony Ericsson Product Blog via Android Central

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