TELUS officially announces the NEXUS S is coming soon


  • Sub-Joker

    Hmm, I got the gingterbread on my nexus one last week and he GPS got messed up. The device rarely manages to lock the GPS satellite and when it does it’s very unstable.
    Anybody knows if that’s a common problem with gingerbread? ?

    • JFrosty

      Yeah, same problem. It sometimes is really slower than usual to get a GPS fix.

    • Sub-Joker

      Android fan kids are pissed off coz I pointed out something with the Gingerbread update on my nexus. too sad how ppl just with their emotions. for me, I am really disappointed coz the results of this wait is not as great as it should be. before the update my GPS was even better than my car’s GPS. Now it’s almost useless.

      To be fair, I’ll reset the phone and see if that would change anything. But this seems to be a common issue judging from the Google Nexus phone website’s blog.

    • Sub-Joker

      hello all,
      I managed to fix the GPS (or so seems so far). I hard reseted the phone to its original settings and the GPS is way better now. now i’m happy. SO, if you encounter the same problem I had, try reseting the phone and this would be solved hopefully.

  • sickens

    Running Gingerbread on my Desire Z via Cyanogen Mod 7 RC2 and GPS is aok!

    • Sub-Joker

      I have it on my stock gingerbread 2.3.3……

  • Umair Khalid

    Im not sure about stock gingerbread…im running CM7 RC2 2.3.3 on my Nexus One…and im not having any such problems (no problems whatsoever)

    But yay for Nexus S coming to a more mainstream carrier…i will be getting a handset for Wind this weekend but at least since Telus will have it before Wind officially i can grab a case from Telus instead of ordering it online.

  • Umair Khalid

    My question is how theyre going to market a Nexus device…i mean stock android is pretty fricken boring…Mobilicity did next to nothing with the Nexus One in terms of marketing…i cant see Telus or anyone doing anything much more with the S…Galaxy S has the touchwiz nonsense and HTC has their Sense crap…those make Android look prettier…it will be interesting to see what happens

    • cybik

      Pretty isn’t always equal to functional or stable. My dad’s Desire Z worked VERY bad with HTC’s original Sense2.1 firmware, so bad that he REQUESTED I put him back on CyanogenMod.

  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    Xperia Arc or Nexus S ????

    • cybik

      Nexus S. Sony has a history of locking everything tight.

  • pr0cs

    Pretty good news really, this phone while not as advanced as some of the dual core phones coming out will probably be the most upgradeable. That alone is probably worth the price of admission if you’re interested in always running the latest and greatest software.

    • bummy

      I wonder if being Telus-locked will hinder the upgrade speed =(

    • James

      No, all updates come straight from Google, not Telus/Samsung

  • jbarns

    if this would be a “4g” (hspa+) phone it would be a lock. Since it isn’t, the samsung seems better.

  • Jim R

    I may be asking for the moon, but will Telus sell this unlocked?

  • Dave

    Will this be a vanilla Nexus S, supported and updated by Google, only with an on-contract subsidy? Or will it be a “customized” abomination like the Vodafone Nexus One that gets its updates weeks behind everyone else?

    • Big3Jokesters

      Pretty sure it’ll be vanilla with no carrier-specific customizations. Updates will come directly from Google’s servers, as I have witnessed with my Nexus S.

  • bigray

    I have this phone and google still needs to fix a few issues with the the ring tone changes on its own and the phone freezes almost everyday and I need to take out the battery and put it bacl in. Other than that its a great phone. I rate it 8/10.

    • Jim R

      @bigray, glad you like your Nexus S, but IMO a phone that freezes almost daily doesn’t deserve a 8/10 (assuming this problem is NOT caused by an application you loaded on).

      Can anyone confirm whether this is a problem that many/most/all Nexus S’s have?

  • jmmm

    I’ll say Telus did a good choice when they will have the LG Optimus X2 to challenge the Motorola Atrix.

    Although I admit that the Nexus S is not bad at all.

  • user

    Vanilla Android FTW! TouchWiz is a joke and iphone wannabe. Sense is a bit better but still bloated and slow. Htc did a good job for improving user friendliness in Android 1.5 and maybe 1.6, but what they are doing today to 2.2 and 2.3 is simply hurting the device performance without adding any useful features….(ok maybe some, but they can be easily replaced with apps.)

  • bigray

    @Jim R…it is a NEXUS S issue and all Nexus S phones have this issue..hopefully they fix it soon..

  • GDub

    16GB is not enough on a high end smartphone.

  • Jon

    For the life of me, I can’t find any info on this on the Telus website. There is no link in the article above either. Where is ‘this’ official announcement?

  • AndresE

    Any update on this? I’m interested on a umts 850Mhz nexus s phone.