Rogers to launch the Nokia N8


  • zorxd

    As if a 12 Mpix smartphone camera was comparable to a real 12 Mpix camera. 5 Mpix is enough on a smartphone anyways. I even set mine to 3-4 max most of the times.

    • Adam F

      The 12MP in this phone actually seem quite well used, you can find a lot of reviews of this phones camera online, it’s quite impressive.

    • zorxd

      Well maybe the camera is good, but it’s not because it is 12 mega pixels. With better optics and 5 Mpix, it could be even better.

    • zorxd

      I said with BETTER optics. The optics are more important than the number of mega pixels these days. Take your DSLR and set it to take pictures at 5MP.
      Now compare that to the smartphone of your choice (even a 12MP one).
      You will see what I mean.

    • Stuntman

      The N8 has Carl Zeiss optics which from my understanding is pretty good. That with it being 12MP, would indicate the camera is quite good. Blind tests show that the quality of images it takes compare quite well with some digital cameras.

  • Andy C

    even though most of the posters here are android fans and nokia has been in the dumps lately i think there are enough nokia fans in Canada that this will sell well

  • Endi

    Unlocking this phone will make it usable is all networks in Canada, including Wind, Mobilicity and Videotron. It has all the 3G bands needed:
    HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100

    Cool aspect, some people might be interested in that.

    • Andy C

      i dont understand why handset makers only put regional specific bands on phones. i would think the cost of a multi band would offset the different manufacturing processes for each region

    • Jim R


      Hopefully you are right (and even better is if this is the beginning of a trend to include all frequencies). However, I wouldn’t put it past Rogers to cripple all but 850/1900 so that you’re stuck on Rogers/Telus/Bell.

    • cheenachatze

      Very true, In fact, it’s the first phone in the world that supports all these frequencies. Impressive work, Nokia.

  • Mike R.

    I have had Nokia phones for almost 15 years, but I will be switching to Android, having to use Symbian and the sorry lack of apps in the Ovi store has turned me off.

    • Adam F

      I’m looking to give myself one more round of punishment with a nokia 🙂 I find the ovi store has all i need for apps for the most part.. it doesn’t have nearly as much as android or apple but i only need 1 fart app, 400 is just overkill 😉

  • Minski

    The reviews of this phone have been poor with the majority of the specs being a bit aged and the new OS not living up to expectations.
    This is another coffin nail of a phone for Rogers.

  • Mark

    Should I hold out for this or go with the captivate?? I am confuse…

    • Andy C

      things going for this phone

      picture and vid quality
      ovi maps (free, no data plan needed navigation)
      world wide 3g antenna

      things holding it back

      obsolete OS/UI
      developer support
      lack of deep intergration between facebook, twitter, ovi maps.

      i guess if you only use this phone for talk, text, GPS and picture/video and are very familiar with Nokia’s OS it would be fine (a large group of buyers fall into this catagory) but after using nokia’s for years then switching to android i dont think i can go back to a non intuitive OS

      for me i would go with android

    • Adam F

      Captivate is definitely flashier and has some flashier apps, The captivate is currently much better for browsing the web as well ( Nokia has a new browser coming.. not sure how good it will be until we see it ). I would call the captivate a friendlier phone as well in terms of the UI choices.

      So if you were buyin today it’s a hard call, if you know symbian and like nokia’s the N8 is probably for you, if you like whiz bang features the captivate is the way to go. The things that keep me tied to nokia’s so far is Ovi Maps is awesome! and I like true multitasking so I can flip back and forth between programs without them constantly restarting/reopening AFAIK android and iphone are still not quite there on the multitaskign.

      Nokia also gets a lot of flak for lack of developer support and such, but it has skype ( and has had it for years via 3rd party apps ), it has all the IM protocols you could want, it has facebook integration options via socially ( integrates with contacts etc ), and nokia’s own social app. It has weather apps, youtube, wifisharing, twitter clients.. and Opera mobile ( not just opera mini ).. so it has most of the software you could want, the ovi store is a bit lacking in it’s current iteration but it can only get better 😉 also swype should be available for it soon hopefully fixing up some of the keyboard issues in portrait mode 🙂

    • zorxd

      The Galaxy S is better for :

      CPU and GPU (the N8 is like 1+ year late on this)
      Display size, resolution and colors (S-AMOLED)
      2x more RAM (again 256 MB is sooooo 2009!)
      Is thiner
      Arguably a better OS with a brighter future (Nokia is dumping Symbian)

      The N8 as a better camera and a flash. Yes it has offline navigation, but if you can use online google maps (for android) is way better.

      Both devices will work about everywhere in the world. The N8 will also works on Vidéotron, Wind and T-Mobile however, if that matters to you.

      The main problem of the Galaxy S is that it might have a GPS imprecision bug. I hope Samsung fix this soon.

    • AndroidVirgin


  • BlackXinu

    I think this a great device for Rogers to pick up. I know a lot of people that want and need a great camera on their phone.

  • Guillaume B

    Nice; this is announced less than a month after the device comes out. And here I thought we wouldn’t see any Symbian^3 devices this year.

  • Lance W

    Nice job Rogers, bringing in a phone with a dead operating system that nobody wants.

    • Dudeinthe613

      Dead OS eh? I think the 2 billion+ symbian phones in circulation and a 36% global market share might be considered alive and kicking, but hey according to you apparently not.

  • David Dee

    Gee, thanks Rogers for another sub standard device. I really want to compromise processing power and use a crappy os so that I have the benefit of a 12 megapixel camera? Are you targeting the professional photography community? The 12 megapixels will really make a great difference for the simple pics I take of friends, family, etc? If I am serious about taking professional photos I don’t think my smartphone would be my first choice anyway. Who is making the decisions here? This is beyond a joke.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      now now.. I admit it’s no fisher price phone but it is still good!

  • cz

    🙂 agreed

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    hmmm seems someone here already told you all of this? hmmm oh that would be ME!

    had to gloat! sorry!

    • chall2k5

      Rocco….you know where you can go

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      and where is that? Oh to the bank! yes well YET another handset wind did not get.. and why is that ? It will sell well.. I love it that you wimdies will HAVE to pay rogers to get this gem for your sub par network.. !

  • boink

    great phone, symbian needs to go.

  • JSKershaw

    Great hardware and crappy software… I will pass until I can port Android over to this phone! 😛

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      and yet it will sell very well. I am sure it is a bitter pill for Wind.. N1 for all but them and now this? I know wind do something bold and get this handset! Start a pricing war,, oh wait you can’t you are too small.. no profits.. no money honey.

  • bogdan

    looks good, wonder how it will do agains the iphone or windows 7 phones

  • Dave H

    Confirmed, I just called rogers and they said sometime by the end of the month they would announce this phone.
    No official pricing yet though.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Dave H what do you think the price will be? 99-199 on a 3 year deal?

  • Mo Sh

    Too bad N8’s CPU sucks and the operating system is unbarable. I’ll never again fall for a company that supports terrorist states.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Mo? terrorist states? Oh you mean Orascom.. yes yes of course! Good for you! I agree! Never the less the phone will sell very well.. Wind users will be falling off their stools to get it! Canadian warranty! AWS ( crappy frequency but hey ya get what you pay for ) and lack luster CSR.. at the very least it will run on the big 3 perfectly and reliably. Wind not so much.

  • Regulator

    @David Dee,

    It must be people like JAWG his bum buddy RoccStiffsJAWGReadily.

    Rogers aka Big Red is just a corporate money vacuum which doesn’t care about customer service, providing competitive rates or prices on handsets.

  • Regulator

    Rocco don’t you got some plumbing to do?

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      plumbing you mean laying some pipe.. aww and she wold you she had a head ache.. poor poor little ragubator

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      plumbing you mean laying some pipe.. aww and she told you she had a head ache.. poor poor little ragubator

      must sting that yet another good handset is NOT coming to wind.. no towers no reception and now no handsets.. well there is always the fisher price one.

  • Regulator

    Hey guys nows a great time to sign up for new promos with Wind. Check out the half price for one year plan on the Canada wide calling. Gee look its $25.00 those Wind marketing reps must be evil for offering such low rates and fighting against the outgoing regime known as ROBELUS

  • Lindsay

    I like the 12 MP aspect of the phone, I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to carry both a digital camera and a cell phone, I like the ability to update to facebook, etc.

  • PeZzy

    I want an N8 without the Rogers crapware on it…and they’ll probably stick an ugly Rogers sign on it.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      PeZzy no worries you can change the product code then run the update.. no rogers crap on it. I would say you can do the same if it came from wind but as you know they do not have the buying power to do anything like that.. hmm last year rogers made double the profits of Wind, not just wind Canada but all of wind.. ouch hurtz

  • et4

    Nokia’s new CEO is Canadian


    I want the orange N8. 😀

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    I find this interesting.. N8 on rogers and on Wind.. and yet you will have many times more dropped calls from wind.. do the home zone away zone to no zone shuffle.. I think it’s a +1 for Rogers and a oopie for Wind… Orascom wireless division 90 million subs rogers has what? 5, 6 million and yet they had twice the profits and thats just from the wireless division.. this must sting.. no wonder uncle swarie is hoping this deal will go through..

    gooo wind.. just go.

  • Regulator

    Hey Rocco don’t you gotta go grease your hair guido?

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      You CSI you!! found my hair in your gals place huh hey mea culpa sorry dude.. but you know what they say.. Rocco StiffReddi!

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    What color are you going to get? Ragu and Pablo no pink I am afraid.. moot point your mom will not buy it for ya.

  • JAWG

    Rumor has it from a good source at Wind that Ragu/Pablo are moving in together on November 1…Good Luck Girls.

    And remember,Swasiman just confirmed on his Web-site that he will be attending your future wedding in the summer and that you’re both getting refurbished Huawei U7519 phones at half price with no warranty…you must be thrilled.

    Personally I think Pablo is pregnant!

  • Omi

    This phone is amazing, the only problem i have with Nokia’s is the OS, its not a bad os, but compared to android, it makes touch screen functions harder then they should be. I am happy though it is coming to canada.

  • Regulator


    • Rocco StiffReddi

      now now ragubator your little pills will arrive do not worry.. so in the mean time play with your dolls. oh sorry action figures. still not getting any reception? tin foil wrapped around your head will not help… but ok I have a handset you can use on chatr go on take it..

  • smartcanadian

    I like phones with front-end cameras and unfortunately not many offer them. N8 is one of them. looking forward to it.

  • Luke

    Not bad, not phone for me but still looks pretty good.

  • B. Ross Ashley

    I’ve been hoping for a Maemo phone for about a year now, but I now must concede that Rogers is never ever going to take up the N900 and neither will any other Canadian carrier. Too bad, I love my N800 Internet Tablet and was looking forward to a Linux-powered smartphone.

  • A. Carmine

    So far, the only good thing I’ve heard about this phone is the camera…. while that is true (images I’ve seen look amazing for a phone) that seems like that’s all it has going for it…

    Nokia needs to focus on MeeGo and Rogers is just going to pile up hardware in their stockrooms across the country…

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      it will be a good seller.. most people want a phone to make calls not hack the planet.. it will sell well.. I know Windies will be all over it.. Wind has failed them so Rogers will have to come to the rescue.

      goooooo wind.. just go.

  • Rui

    Not dead OS by any means … with Nokia making the commitment to upgrades on Symbian I think it’s more flexible than many apple and droid boys think.

  • hunkyleepickle

    Great hardware design and build, great camera, and pentaband radio is very forward thinking. The OS is the only thing that is lacking. I had an N95 for 3years, and it is still strong and reliable, but symbian is getting very long in the tooth.

  • Luka

    I would love this phone SO much more (so much I’d have it) if it used Android