Google rakes in $1 billion via mobile: “Clearly, this is the future of search on the Internet”

According to analysts Google is poised to become #2 worldwide mobile OS in 2010 and on the leader by 2014. Yesterday, Google announced their Q3 results and hit revenues of $7.29 billion (up 23% year-over-year). When it specifically to mobile, Jonathan Rosenberg, Google’s SVP of product management, said “The people who are accessing our products and services through their mobile phones are adding $1 billion to our revenue streams. Clearly, this is the future of search on the Internet.”

Google CEO Eric Schmidt, spoke about their Android platform and that it’s “well past anything that I had ever hoped for… [Android] is probably the largest single platform play available in the market today… if you think of mobile as phone-plus-tablet, plus all the other things, we hope to become the leading platform in that space, and we’re doing it with an open-source approach.”

$1 billion. They have the OS in place and a lucrative mobile revenue stream already. The only thing really missing to date is a solid music platform like iTunes.

Via: Fierce Wireless

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