Bell President on the future of mobile advertising: “Ads work best on the best network” (Video)

One of the good lines that has come out from the Mobile Media Day in Toronto was from Wade Oosterman, President & Chief Brand Officer at Bell Mobility. He was talking about the future of mobile advertising and how more focus will be put on this media as more people are adopting cellphones. The stat shows that by 2019 mobile/digital advertising in Canada will reach $17.5 billion dollars. The mobile ads will be permission based and you’ll need to opt-in, but soon we’ll be able to get ads when we pass by a specific store we like, ads based on our interests, or as something simple that we need to pick up out dry cleaning (with an ad in the text message), location based coupons etc.

With their current ad campaign they promote how “Apps work best on the best network”. Oosterman believes that the slogan will eventually change and head towards “Ads work best on the best network… so we think the whole mobile media environment tremendously exciting, has tremendous promise but the vast majority of the enabling elements are actually in place today. So it just a question of getting to it.”

Check out the video after the break

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