Fido wants you to Pimp out your puppy for a Virtual Billboard

If you’ve ever seen those Fido billboards that have the dogs on them and admired them… now is your chance to pimp out your puppy as Fido has created an Facebook app that gets you to put your dog in a Fido ad.

It’s a viral initiative where you can share with other dog lovers, friends etc…  this also promotes their $15 plan. But is this app really needed? Why go through the steps when you could easily send a pic of your dog to your friends?

Update: Rogers sent us a message that stated the reason they created the app is because “Fido is known for our iconic ads featuring cute dogs. We hear from a tons of customers each year that they want us to feature their dogs in an upcoming ad. So we created this Facebook app to give these customers their chance to see their dog in an ad”

Check it here at Facebook

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