Rogers to release built-in “Social View” app along with 3 new Social plans


  • Petegd


  • BCPhil

    Given how slow, bloated and buggy Rogers website is, I wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot stylus.

  • Endi

    why have this on phone that have such a feature included (eg. timescape)? and would they allow social networking on those new plans only if you use their application?

  • Canadaboy

    Why do I feel that if every plan has the word unlimited in it, then by some means they are limited in comparison to each other.

    I hate “unlimited” used like that. Makes me want to wash out a Roger marketing agent’s mouth out with soap.

  • Samuel

    I just saw the new commoercial. (The beach one).

    It’s like motoblur and they offer unlimited social networking.