Public Mobile’s request to challenge Globalive “could drag out for months”


  • Colin

    Why don’t public mobile just get on with building their network rather than doing this? It isn’t exactly helping their image.

  • Msk12

    They are it’s just unfair, when your back up with billion dollar company. Why can have DAVE and public mobile have the same rule bender ! It’s odd how people stop at WIND and praise it again and again when other new players will have similar options.

  • Hugo B.

    For once the coverage of this seems balanced!! The government overturning the CRTC is a big deal as it goes against current law. PM are doing a good thing (and if they didn’t do it, someone else would). Globalive have been given what is an unfair competitive advantage and the real question isn’t really whether they’ll stay in business (that ship has sailed), but more what comes next. Will there be more open foreign ownership rules? Will Globalive have to change it’s capitalization to comply with current laws?) That is what needs to be clarified so that all the industry plays on equal footing.

  • situashaun

    Said it once and I’ll say it again. In order to be a viable company, Wind needed serious financial backing which didn’t come from us Canadians. Otherwise you just have a public mobile. All that money spent into purchasing (which gets you crap by the way) and they can still barely touch the incumbents. They should start looking at wireless as a whole otherwise we’re stuck getting raped by Bell, Rogers and Telus.

  • Serge

    Msk12, Hugo B., what is it that you think Public Mobile doesn’t have access to? If Public or DAVE has a viable business plan that can attract foreign funding on exactly the same terms as WINDMo, then by all means, they should go for it. There is nothing stopping them. The rules are the same for everyone.

  • situashaun

    On a fair level playing field? Public’s offering is garbage. The world is going one with technology and they throw in CDMA. If wind came in with the same garbage offering that public has, there would be no point to this new competition thing at all. Notice how dave isn’t make a big stink anymore either? Unless Public has something up their sleeve, they should get their act together, pronto. No one will want to sign with them.

  • John

    Serge, it was illegal to obtain foreign money at more than 20% or so if i am right. That’s why PM is filling, bcoz if they knew that gvmt would accept 65% + of foreign monies 12 months after the auction was completed they would have tried to get it has well and maybe get more spectrum….

  • Scott S

    If you omitted Public Mobile from this article you would think the company harassing WIND is from Bell or Telus or Rogers. Oh wait he basically is from Bell. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet, the omelet being a wireless company that doesn’t rape and pillage like Robelus.

  • Hugo B.

    @ Serge,

    That’s precicely it, rules aren’t the same. John summed it up nicely.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that, if the Cap structure adopted by Wind had been legal and open for consideration at the time of the auction, the players and outcome of it might have been quite different (and likely more expensive).

  • Serge

    No, John and Hugo B., it wasn’t illegal. The rules are exactly the same. Globalive and Public Mobile found themselves in exactly the same position. They had to be vetted by exactly the same bodies. The difference is that Public Mobile sat back and did nothing. But, hey, if Public Mobile wants to go raise foreign money and put together a deal that looks exactly like what Globalive did, then they should go for it instead of running to court.

  • Rishi

    Canadians are sissy. We fear foreign competition. They preach open markets for the third world, and protect our big companies. Rules are written by the powerful to benefit the powerful. Why not have Verizon or T-Mobile in Canada? You see foreign companies operating everywhere in the world. Why is it that we never see foreign companies here, and we never see Canadian companies operating abroad?

  • Michael

    Jeezus public mobile. Just ask for a settlement (like towersharing sites) and be done with it. God.

    If they do manage to push them out of the market place there will be quite an angry mob after them of only 500,000 or so people.