Unreleased Bell Palm Pre Unboxed!

** Update – We had to remove the video from YouTube, I guess we crossed some sort of line. However, the pics are up here and we’ll have a full review shortly **

The Bell Palm Pre is one of the most anticipated devices to hit Canada in a long time. Yes the Apple iPhone is of similar hype, but there is something special about the Palm Pre that warrants attention. It could be the fact that it has an simplistic style, or the resolution of its screen, or possibly even the ease of use with new webOS platform.

Regardless of its reasons, the Palm Pre will be an incredible success in Canada and we are only the 2nd country in the world to launch it! You’ll see in the video that the Bell Palm Pre has similar packaging as previous Palm devices over the past year, but the device is drastically different. The Pre feels incredible in the hand, like it’s meant to be there. Clean, smooth rounded edges with a dominant display.

We are proud to bring you the unboxing of the Bell Palm Pre… Initial boot up time took a bit, but the Palm Pre is worth the wait:


  • nadim

    Looks good right! took a long time to boot up though.

  • JayCanuck

    Yea, initial boot up takes a min or two. But after that, it really quite fast 🙂

  • Dave

    Minutes to boot up?

  • Shawny

    Mine is arriving either 17th or 18th…I'm super excited…

  • criminalogic

    lol WOW that was long boot time… my winmo's only take that long went there bugged Out & in need OF a hardreset lol

    hopefully it doesn't perform like that on tha daily….

    finally mobilesyrup getting tha top devices b4 they lounch (TP2 & PRE) That's How it Should be……..

    please in tha features video don't show us How to increase & decrease vollume were to charge it were hedadsets go etc… lol if people can't tell or figure it Out then they shouldn't be buying phones… LMAO….

  • criminalogic

    sorry auto type ain’t As much help As one may think


    Thanks mobilesyrup!

  • MikeyB

    Any word on if the rumours are true? Is the Canadian Pre the new HSPA model for Bell's new network? The SKU# for HSPA is P100UNA as opposed to the Sprint CDMA version that is P100EWW.

    Would it be possible for MobileSyrup to confirm or deny this since you guys clearly have access to a Canadian Pre???

  • Cocolabaloune

    Shawny, how can you get one before the official release date?!?

  • Shawny

    Bell is releasing a CDMA Pre on 27th….P100UNA isn't being ruled out as a Launch device for their HSPA network in early 2010.

    @Cocolabaloune: My employer (Bell) is shipping one to me on Monday. I'm working in a special program called Bell Brand Ambassador & we all get Palm Pre so we are easily reached.

  • David Fix

    Can anyone comment on the GPS and turn-by-turn direction capabilities of the Bell Palm Pre? I've heard the Sprint one in the states is great, but I want to know how the nav is on the Bell one. 🙂