New “Unlimited PC mobile-to-PC mobile Talk & Text” plan launched

PC-mobile-to-PC-MobileIf you’re with PC Mobile and you have family or friends with PC Mobile then this could be something you might want to consider adding on.

They have just released a new plan called “Unlimited PC mobile-to-PC mobile Talk & Text” that gives you Unlimited local calling between PC mobile numbers and Unlimited texting between PC mobile numbers. You always must read the fine print because it really does sound good for only a mere $0.25 but that is a total of $7.50 extra per month.

The fine print says: “Unlimited PC mobile-to-PC mobile Talk & Text applies to airtime for calls in your local calling area and text messages to and from PC mobile phone numbers. 20¢/minute rate applies for local calling minutes and 15¢/text rate applies to text messages sent to all other mobile phone numbers. You must have at least 20¢ in your account for your phone to work, plus sufficient funds to cover any recurring charges.”

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