Welcome to the MobileSyrup community!

First off we would like to say thank you for being a part of this amazing community.

On MobileSyrup.com you’ll find a passionate and enthusiastic community. Our goal is to create content that has a focus on technology which fosters community engagement. We would like to say that if you have a thought, idea, or an opinion on something, we want to be the community where you feel comfortable sharing it. That being said, we do have a few guidelines to help facilitate the conversation.

The 140 characters or less version (except the last… that’s 234 characters)

  1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated;
  2. Don’t be rude, don’t treat others rudely, if you’re rude we will remove said rude 
  3. Help us out. The MobileSyrup moderation team is here to help you and help the content the 
community creates. There are only a few members of the MobileSyrup team who are moderating the comments and forums, so please keep that in mind.

How to join the MobileSyrup community

You can join the MobileSyrup community and interact with others either in our forums or our commenting system, which is powered by DISQUS. If you do not have a DISQUS account, it’s really easy to set up. More on that next.

Content Commenting

To set-up your DISQUS profile all you need to do is click (or tap… those touch screens) on the comment box below an article. After you’ve opened the text bar you’ll be able to click the logos of your social media platform of choice to log into DISQUS or create a DISQUS account. After you’ve completed the steps, you are ready to start engaging in the community. Be sure to read our terms and conditions too, if you fancy that, that is.

MobileSyrup Community Forums

To be a part of our community you can click here, or simply click the top of the site on ‘community’ to get started. Once on the forums you can click ‘register’ to begin the process. After you’ve completed the registration, you are ready to share, discuss, and engage in the community discussion.

The fine details of commenting

Spam: The only good place for this is in a can, or on a dinner plate. Even there it’s questionable. So don’t post it here. This means posting content that has no bearing on the discussion at hand, or posting things like personal websites and other “promotional” items.

Troll: We’ve all been in a scenario where we’ve thought, “gee, that person is being a troll”. To be specific, a troll is defined as someone who posts deliberately provocative messages. So please, avoid doing this. But, if for some reason you still do, your posts will be moderated and possibly removed. So keep the chat on topic and everything will be okay.

Racism, sexism, and other discrimination: This is a big nope. If in any way our moderators feel you are discriminating against one group of people or another your content be removed, but also you may be subject to a temporary or permanent ban.

Things that are against the law: This is another one of those obvious ones. If it’s illegal, it isn’t allowed. So don’t post links to illegal downloads or illegal activities and or paraphernalia. You will be banned.

Multiple accounts or fake emails: We don’t like people posting from multiple accounts, simply because it just doesn’t make sense. Typically, when you have multiple accounts you’re here to troll, which is part two of ‘the fine details of commenting’, which would mean you can’t do it and we’re pretty sure you aren’t here to engage with the community and connect in a meaningful way.

The content that isn’t safe for work (aka NSFW): Do we even need to say this? NFSW is not safe for here. So let’s leave it at that. This means no links, images, words, or gifs. Pretty much if you can’t share it in public then you can’t share it on MobileSyrup.


We love comments. We really enjoy seeing the community work together and discussing a topic. But as stated above there is just a small team of moderators and keeping up with the amount of comments that are posted daily can be a daunting task. So there are a few features put into place that will help our moderators. The features will also make the comment section a more enjoyable place to be.

Up-vote / Down-vote: Beside every comment there is an up as well as a down arrow. This tool is used to vote on a comment by a community member. We use this voting system to decide comments to feature within the article.

Flag: Use this but don’t abuse this. The flag feature tells the moderators that this comment is possibly not welcome on MobileSyrup. So if you come across a comment that doesn’t follow our community guidelines, click the flag icon to let us know.

A noteworthy addition to this section of our community guidelines is about comment deletion. If there is a comment that doesn’t follow these guidelines, or in other words doesn’t facilitate a positive community environment it will be deleted. With our commenting system being threaded has its downsides. So if you have posted something in the same thread as a comment that goes against these guidelines. It will be removed as well.

Comment Moderation

Are you censoring my posts?: Here at MobileSyrup we’re trying to foster a community that engages in a way that benefits everyone that visits. If you’re doing something or saying something that goes against what we’re trying to accomplish then it will be removed. Whether this comment is posted on an article, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other network that MobileSyrup manages. If it does not follow these guidelines we reserve the right to remove it in its entirety.

You can help: This is something we welcome. If you find content that doesn’t abide by the MobileSyrup community guidelines you can do one of two things. Flag the comment for moderation or connect with us via our contact us page which can be found here.

Questions? We have answers: If you at any time have questions about moderation or the policies set out on this page you can connect with us through our contact us page. Using the contact us page will allow our moderation team to have a dedicated one-on-one conversation with you. We won’t respond to moderation questions that are not asked via the contact us channel, so keep these conversations private.

Forum Posts

Another place you can connect with the community would be through our online forums. These forums allow for a more in-depth conversation around a specific topic. The forums use an editing tool that gives the community a little more power than our on-site commenting system. In the forums, you can post photos, videos, and more easily link to content outside of MobileSyrup.com. Do remember that the same policies apply to the forms.

If you’re creating amazing content, it will be featured. Our editorial team and moderators are always on the lookout for content to feature on the site.

Account deletion or alteration

If you’re in need for your account to be deleted or altered (i.e. new email address etc.) we can help. Well, it most cases. If you need something changed in your account on the forms, we can do that. Use the contact form to request that change. If it is something on our article commenting system, then you’ll need to contact DISQUS, which is the system powering the comments.