ISP Start.ca joins Telus banner

A second ISP, Altima, also reports under Telus

Telus has acquired internet service provider (ISP), Start.ca.

A Telus spokesperson confirmed the news to MobileSyrup. The acquisition took place in January.

It’s unclear how many customers the acquisition impacts and if it went through regulatory approval.

Additionally, Telus confirmed it also overtook a second ISP, Altima, in June 2022.

“As part of our commitment to bring Canadians innovative and connected products and services that enhance their lives, we integrated the Altima and Start.ca customer networks with Telus,” the company told MobileSyrup.

Both Altima and Start.ca serve Ontario residents.

Updated 03/02/2022 3:39pm ET: The article has been updated with additional information.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

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