This Fido promo could get you a 10GB plan for $50

This link doesn't seem to present everyone with the same deal

This is a bit of a weird one, so I’m going to start by mentioning that your mileage may vary with this offer.

A RedFlagDeals user (taya1214) recently posted this link that leads to a promo section of the Fido site that they claim offers a $50 data plan with 10GB of data. When I click on the link, I’m presented with the same deal, but others in the thread have received different offers.

One user says that they’re offered the $30/10GB data deal but that it’s only for 10 months and then it goes back up to $50 for 10GB. I’d expect the plans to vary based on province, but it isn’t easy to tell.

Another user reports seeing an 8GB plan for $45 as well as the 10GB/$50 option.

Source: Fido, RedFlagDeals

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