Signal update brings mainstream features like wallpapers and stickers

The iOS version of Signal also received new data management features

Signal app on iOS

The latest update for the Signal app is rolling out iOS (version 5.3.1) and Android (5.3.7) with several new features that bring the messaging platform more in line with other popular apps, such as chat wallpapers.

Along with chat wallpapers, the new Signal update adds animated stickers, an ‘About’ section and it makes the iOS app handle data more efficiently. Signal first announced the new features on January 11th, and Android Police reported they rolled out to the beta version of Signal for Android last week.

Regarding the iOS version of Signal, it includes new options for setting lower data usage during calls. There’s also an option to automatically paused attachment downloads during calls, improved image compression and more. The Verge points out that this brings the iOS version of Signal closer to feature parity with the Android version.

It’s worth noting that these improvements come as Signal usage surges. Earlier this month, WhatsApp users moved to Signal and another chat app called Telegram after WhatsApp revealed an updated privacy policy that would come into effect on February 8th. The privacy policy update relates to how businesses that use WhatsApp for customer service can store chat logs on Facebook servers and doesn’t have anything to do with consumer chats or profile data. Despite that, users seemingly fed up with Facebook hoovering up personal data are ditching the platform for ones that better respect user privacy.

The movement was further fueled by a recommendation from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who simply tweeted “Use Signal.”

Signal has long offered a privacy-first approach to chat and developed the Signal Protocol used by several messaging platforms — including WhatsApp — to provide end-to-end encryption. These new features may help WhatsApp users jumping to Signal feel more at home and, hopefully, keep them using Signal.

Source: The Verge

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