You can pay $500 to add car sounds to the Porsche Taycan

A car isn't a car unless it roars

If you’re a driver who’s hesitant to switch to an electric car because of the sound then Porsche has a car for you.

The Porsche Taycan has tons of trim add on options, of which one, in particular, makes the car sound more like a traditional Porsche vehicle.

Since the car is electric it’s generally very silent, so for $500 USD (roughly, $658 CAD) you can add a fake car noise that plays via speakers in the car.

It’s unclear if this price is just for the MP3 file or if Porsche is also adding more speakers to play the sound of the car.

You can hear a sample of the sound on Porsche’s Taycan website.

Either way, this is an interesting move for Porsche and who knows, maybe more manufacturers will follow suit in the future.

Source: Porsche Via: Electrek

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