Google Maps has changed to reflect Toronto King Street Pilot project

Driving on King Street in Toronto will cost you $110 and two demerit points starting next week

Google and Bing have changed their map apps to reflect the King Street Pilot, and other apps are looking to change according to the Financial Post. Apple Maps, on the other hand, has not changed.

The King Street Transit Pilot, which started on November 12th, aims to improve transit reliability, speed and capacity by giving transit priority on King Street from Bathurst Street to Jarvis Street.

The pilot hopes to accomplish this by only allowing drivers to travel one block before having to turn right, meaning no left turns — unless making a left turn from Bathurst or Jarvis — or going straight through intersections.

Toronto police have already issued 500 warnings in the past two days for breaking the rules of the King Street Transit Pilot project, according to 680 News.

This week, Toronto police will not penalize drivers for breaking the rules. However, drivers will be stopped and given warnings with pamphlets that explain the rules.

Next week will be a different story, as Toronto police will start issuing fines of $110 CAD and two demerit points for breaking the rules.

City-licensed taxis are exempted from the rules between 10pm and 5am and cyclists are allowed to ride in the curb lane at all times.

Uber and other ridesharing vehicles have to follow the same regulations as other motor vehicles, and Uber requests that users arrange meetups on other streets, if possible. Uber has already released a statement saying it supports the project and will educate its customers regarding the change, including its main tip, which suggests avoiding King Street altogether.

While the pilot officially started on Sunday, Tuesday is the first day of regular traffic, since Monday was the Remembrance Day holiday for government employees.

Many drivers are still not aware of the pilot, though King is definitely looking a lot emptier than usual.

Source: 680 News Via: Financial Post 

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