Google updates G Suite Android Gmail app to include phishing guard

Google G Suite

Google has updated the G Suite Gmail Android app to add a new anti-phishing measure.

Essentially an early warning, the feature works by checking any links within an email before the user clicks on them. Should it suspect a link is malicious, the feature will issue the warning seen below.

Like with many of its software tweaks, Google plans to roll out the update gradually to users across the globe.

G Suite Gmail Phishing Guard

The company doesn’t say when this feature will make its way to desktop and consumer users. However, for what it’s worth, in its other iterations Gmail already has similar protections built-in.

The update comes in the same week that Gmail users were the target of major phishing attack involving Google Docs. Earlier in the week, Gmail users across the global started receiving unsolicited emails that asked them to look at a Google Doc file.

Users who followed the link included in the file were then asked to allow a third party to administer their Gmail account. If the user gave the malicious app their permission, it would then attempt to proliferate to other accounts. Google has since addressed the issue.


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